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Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 21 part 1 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 21 Part 1

the first floor: Drop Point

Welcome to the wonderful world of security cameras! These suckers have a range of 20 tiles horizontally, and 3 vertically. They face a certain direction for a number of seconds, before turning the other way. If they spot you, they will first call bomber containers to your general location. If you don't get away fast enough, what appears next is an absolutely ridiculous amount of enemies, which will probably murder you if you aren't careful. If you damage them when they are facing the other way, they will sometimes turn around, so... don't damage them if you can help it. Note that they also can't see anything while they are turning, so use this to your advantage. Anyway, let's go.

Note those first two cameras, hook up at coordinate 25 or so, hang around height 10 to wait for the camera up there to face left, then climb up and move on. Jump up, past the gap, and hook up when you can to 88, 39. Keep heading right, and drop down to 115, 26.

Watch that camera, wait for it to turn before heading down and continuing on. Drop down past the next camera, and keep moving before it turns back.

Once you hit coordinate 248, Hook upward and wait for the camera to face right. It's safe to stay at height 19, it won't see you, drop down if you have time so you're right behind it, wait for it to start turning and make a break for it.

Hook upward once you hit the wall. You know the drill, drop down if the camera won't see you, keep moving before it comes back.

The camera at 460 requires you to hook up to a platform that's almost literally right over it, so be quick to avoid an unfortunate accident. From there, you're pretty much home free, head for the door. Just ignore the last platform, you can just drop down and head straight for the exit.

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