Guides For Stage 21 Part 2

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 21 part 2 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 21 Part 2

the first floor, Central area

Note the camera that is right next to you as you start, and the one that's right after it. Hook up, and off we go. Drop down as the camera at 59 faces away, you do fall past it's range and it can see you on the way down.

Hook up at coordinate 125 or so, and take the ladder up. Yes, you can in fact drop over the wall over there, but if you do it's just a dead end. Anyway, onward.

Another place alternating left and right drops. Just look where you'll fall to with your camera, if a security camera is there, wait for it to turn away of course.

The next one is interesting, stay on the ground. If you scan with your camera, you'll notice there is a gap in that platform at coordinate 280. That camera will spot you if you take the wrong time to hop up, so be careful. Keep moving toward the ladder.

Security carts here too? At least security's finally being taken a little more seriously... Anyway, if there's one approaching your location on the way up, just let it turn around and keep moving up. The next ladder leads back down, right in the middle of that cart's path. So wait for it to start moving left. Drop down the right side of that little structure through the gap, and you've got another one, exactly the same. After that, home free.

Trivia, if you have the high jump shoes you can actually skip the ladders in that last bit and just hop over the top wall. But I'm not sure if that'll kill you or not... I wasn't willing to find that out this time.

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