Guides For Stage 24 Part 4

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 24 part 4 of BK3.

Audio Player for Stage 24 Part 4

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 24 Part 4

the fourth floor, stares for the fifth floor

Alright... the launcher system and energy crystal combo. You can go about this two ways, either focus all your attention on the launcher system itself first and knock it's health down, then hit the crystal as it comes down to heal. Or use the warp panels on the sides of the level to chase the energy crystal on the platforms first, then find a way back down. However at this time I cannot recommend the second one, as it is quite confusing which panel goes where. I eventually plan on making a table of them all, but haven't done so just yet. Anyway, take out everything to proceed to the final stage.

Stat points before stage 25, full recap:

  • Attack: 440 +10 after boss fight
  • Defense: 400 +30 after boss fight
  • Tech: 130
  • Stamina: 330, boosted by fruits
  • HP: 458 +8 after boss fight

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