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Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 25 part 1 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 25 Part 1

the fifth floor, entrance

Oh man... last stage. Note the blades that are scattered throughout the level, they hit quite hard.

Watch the lift, and hop on it once it gets close. Go all the way up to the door at height 330, check using the object info rather than pressing Q, because the lift moves very, very fast. Inside is a stronger security jet that will drop the lift sensor on being destroyed, which will notify you using sounds when a lift is approaching your position, and when you're on a lift when a platform is coming up. If you break it by accident, just exit and go back in to try again.

After you have the lift sensor, hop down to height 300 and hit the switch on the left side, minding the blade that's there and running past when it's not gonna take a massive chunk out of you. Do not go for the right switch... it's a trap.

Aim for the door at height 100, then when you are inside, once you hit coordinate 50 you will see a bunch of stamina killers spawn. Be warned, if anything hits the metal box with your item in it it will be destroyed, and you will have to go press that switch and come all the way back. Shield the box either with yourself and a solid shield, or a placed small box while you dispose of the garbage. Or option 3, stand next to the door and take them out one at a time. If you really want the recovery items they drop, try to be as fast as possible to hopefully prevent too many hits from the syringes. Grab the rhombus piece and head out.

Next up is the door at 200. You have the piece needed, so go ahead. Introducing, bombing slime creeps! Kill these things as soon as possible, because if they split, each split slime will leave behind a time bomb, which in turn sends out a fireball. And you again, have to protect a box here. So if you can do so, kill them before they split. If not, same as before, except this time any gun such as the middle or mega shooter will do, you just need to blow up the fireballs with a single shot after all.

Assuming that went well, all the way down to the bottom we go. This last door doesn't have any nasty surprises, so just head on through.

Another screen puzzle, considerably easier than the first one since there are only 2 screens with 2 choices each.

Both matching combinations would actually make sense, but the one you want is soul and energy. Grab your last shape piece from the box, dispose of the enemy container and head out to finish the level.

Trivia: if you fall far enough on to a lift, instead of the normal death sound there is a different one.

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