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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 25 Part 3

the fifth floor, nearing the final room

Alright... this level has quite a few sections, so I'm gonna split them up into different areas.

Note that as of the latest version of the game on June 12th 2018, if you die past the second area, there is an optional switch in the first room that may be interacted with to teleport you to your last location once you go through the door. Or you can just start over again for the recovery ring.

Area 1

3 lord dragons, you can either run past them or kill them, both work.

Area 2

Note the lifts at 9, 12, 23 and 35. Jump over the lift at 9, there's nothing there but bloody death. Hop on the lift at 12 for some healing items and the all powerful recovery ring, it'll pick you up from the starting platform, don't worry.

Both switches here do something important. The right one activates the lift at 35, notice that it was off before. The left one unlocks the door... but also starts launching missiles at you. Yes, those missiles, that sound. So grab that super buster blade and put it in defensive mode, and get ready to jump. Hit the right switch first, then the left so you don't have to go back over to the other side.

2 main ways spring to mind from this point. If you dare and have high jump shoes, jump over the gap where the lift at 23 comes through, wait for the lift at 35 to come up and hop on that all the way down to 0 and the door.

If not, hop on the lift at 23 down to height 50, jump off there, and then take the last lift down the rest of the way. Bare in mind though whichever way you choose you'll have to watch out for missiles coming from several directions.

Area 3:

Oh, it's you again! This thing hasn't changed at all, just a rematch. Take it out.

Area 4

This is a corridor of blades. Watch your timing, take defense or speed drinks to get through if you need them, or tank the hits if you know you can survive.

Area 5

Rematch number 2! Bring it on, mud killer. And just like last time, it's gonna drop a paper we'll need later.

Area 6

Immediately start running as soon as you get through that door, if you miss the lift you'll be waiting ages for it to get back. Another blade trap, but this time the idea is to weave between them. Stay at coordinate 7 until you absolutely have to move, then take one step right to 8 to dodge the blade at height 350. Step back to 7 until height 700 or so, then right again. The blade formation at 800 and up is possible to dodge, but the timing is very tight. So if you don't feel confident doing that, either equip a shield and block for your life or take a defense drink. The same applies for the blades at 9, 980 and 9, 1000 except this is easier. But off the lift here, and through the door.

Few... what a ride!

Area 7

Rematch number 3 with the helicopter. Go for it.

Area 8

Puzzle boxes, and a few of them. If you get one wrong, a stamina killer will spawn. if you wanted to grind them, this would be a place to do it.

Now, in order.

Box 1

1, 2, 3

Do I really need to do that one?

Box 2

1000002, 2000004, 4000008

1000002*2 = 2000004, 2000004*2 = 4000008, 4000008*2 = 8000016

Box 3

100, 300, 700

100+200 = 300, 300+400 = 700, 700+800 = 1500

That one could've actually either been 1500 or 1300, I seem to recall trying 13 my first time through the game.

Box 4

3, 12, 60

3*4 = 12, 12*5 = 60, 60*6 = 360

Area 9

Bomber pods and ladders. Note that you will be unable to proceed to each section if you do not first take out the pod on that level, if you try you will be pushed away and lose half your current health. So take out the pod at height 50, then down the ladder we go, all the way to the bottom.

Run left all the way, and hook up to 2, 45. Take out the pod, down the ladder, and left again.

Up to 5, 40 and repeat. Basically just keep proceeding in this fashion, first to 8, 35 then 11, 30 after which you will be on the same level as the warp panel, so use that and through the door.

Area 10

Now we need that second small paper. Note the numbered discs around the area, and remember the numbers on the paper. Each time you hit two of the discs with any weapon, they will switch places. Just get them in order from left to right, and the door will unlock. That opening sound is quite appropriate...

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