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Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 25 part 5 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 25 Part 5

the lone wolf

Oh man... final battle, everything's going to hell, and the music is amazing. This level has platforms at height 10 all through it, 10 spaces apart, 10 steps wide. As soon as you gain control, immediately hook upward to the nearest platform, notice the sound of something burning that's not quite a part of the level ambience, and get ready for one of the deadliest attacks in the entire game if you're caught in it. See the enemy breakdown if you want details on the 5 end bosses.

Take out the unknown energy first, but apart from that they can go in whichever order you like. Stay on guard, as most of these attacks can really, really hurt. If you don't feel like hitting the bosses from the ground, tactical items should and can be abused. I somehow managed to take out the master battery before the energy could come heal it, but don't rely on that every time. After that the unknown energy went down to my megaton hammer, the massacred souls, the extinguisher to abuse of super shuriken because I did not want to tangle with it on the ground, and the life burner last.

Watch out for one last surprise after all the bosses are gone, hit it before it explodes.

I'll assign those last stat points later... but anyway! we're not done yet. Run to the right, keeping Carla next to you. Do not pull ahead of her.

One last challenge in the Sky Racer... use left and right arrows to turn in said direction, and spray. Don't worry, you've got big ammo here. Now, enjoy the ending and the closing theme. Congratulations, You've completed bokurano daibouken 3! Now go back and check out those 4 bonus shops that opened up, and the extra content. Don't forget to finish off that weapon list too, there are still many hours of fun to be had.

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