Guides For Stage 9 Part 4

Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 9 part 4 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 9 Part 4

Battle for soulmates

Still no enemies here... head to the door. Check your collection items for the password memo. Or take my word for it the password is lifelesscontrol. If you type it wrong, have fun with the result, or just try again really really fast.

Bees, triple needle shooting insects, and stunning security carts await you with the old desks. Fight your way through, and open the door. Make use of the new weapons, if you got them.

More enemies await, and 2 bomber pods. Take care of all of them to finish off the stage. Either use the small boxes you picked up earlier to take care of the pods but remember to pick them up when you move so they don't get destroyed, or use the laser saber to slowly chip away at them, since they have no defense.

Stat points:

  • Attack: 180
  • Tech: 40

Alright, more weapons! Again, I grinded to get all of them, however maybe that is slightly overkill, and the super wide hammer I hardly ever use.

The guns however will come in handy in a couple stages, so make sure you have at least one that you can use.

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