Exploring Derelicts

This won't be a guide so much on how to explore derelicts, but there will still be some overlap which explains the basics. The point of this guide is to cover quick ways to get around the different pages.

The Core-Exiles Wiki Derelict Exploration Page(opens in a new window).

If you are going to explore derelicts then you have to read the above link first. After you do that then you will be all set to continue on with this guide which will build on the above information only focused on exploring while using a screen reader.

The Derelict Exploration Pages

There are a few pages involved. First is the Personal Loadout page. The link for this can be found in the bottom nav bar/footer by searching "l l". This will jump you right to your personal space loadout.

The second page is the page you see after clicking on the link to do a derelict scan when in orbit. This will take some time to process and when it does you enter the ship that showed up in the scan results.

Third is the main derelict exploration page. This page has a different header and footer, and you won't have the normal graphics and tabs like you would on most other core-exiles pages.

Next you'll need to be aware of the page for equipping meds and stims via the repair page.

Using controls is a fun and addictive option when exploring, and the page for hacking will be covered in this guide as well.

There will also be Close Quarter Combat(CQC) pages if you are equipped for doing CQC. They will be covered in this guide for when you do get to that point.

The last type of pages you need to be aware of are the different events and conformation pages.