Holiday's guide To Picking Up and hauling Cargo Fast

This is quite simple, and once you get accustomed to it you will find it is super easy and it'll pay off when using XP Boosters during a one hour hauling run.

Note: for this I use a jump drive, but it is not required. However, you will require a NEI for this to work and actually be worth time when hauling. You can get one of these starting at level 35.

Picking Up the Cargo Fast.

The first thing to determine is what your target systems are for dropping off cargo. For me when hauling to VP I only pick up for Angusti, Vosay, Warloro, and Tornsul. When hauling to the Dashen side of furnace I only pick up for Metry, Apep, Luthian, Burasliv, Dagon, and Byoti. For the Blake side of furnace I only pick up for Amung, Centaurus, Mork, Antennae , and Andromeda.

After you enter into the hauling office, whether it is ashar or wesbec do a jaws virtual find with control + F for the galaxy you wish to haul to. For example if I am in VP and I wish to haul cargo to Furnace then I would do a virtual find for the text "furnace".

Now you just want to keep "furnace" in your virtual find and not search anything else. Start from the top of the page and hit f3 to research the text, this will jump you to the first instance of the text "furnace" on the page. This will be the first row of table cells which has a cargo mission to furnace.

To get the system location simply hit up arrow, if this is one of the systems you are picking up cargo for in your target drop location hit up arrow one more time to view the planet then simply hit B to jump to the accept button for the mission.

if it is not a target location then you hit f3 two times after up arrow to check the system location. This jumps you to the next string of text of "furnace" hit up arrow again to check the system. You keep repeating this pattern until you hit on a system you are delivering to.

the pattern starting from the top of the page is.

Audio Example Of Picking Up Cargo