Getting Started Guide Part 10

In this guide I won't only be covering Gunny's next mission, but also how to purchase a new bigger gun first. This is so you can kill the larger enemies with no problem in the next two missions.

This guide will be covering:

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Part 10.1: Buying a bigger Gun from Hi-Tek Arms

Before talking to Gunny it would be smart to enter into the weapons store on New Orion called Hi-Tek Arms. This will make the next two missions much easier. You should be at least level 4 by now, and it is time to upgrade your weapon. View then enter Hi-Tek Arms on New Orion.

Jump to the first table on the page by pressing T from the top of the page. Once in the table use table commands with alt control right arrow until you get to the table header for the level. From there read down with alt control down arrow until you get to the two guns which are level 4. One of these is kinetic and one is energy. I am using energy so that is the gun I want to buy, it is called a Poorly Tuned R1 Howler and cost around eight thousand credits. Using alt control left and right arrow you can see it also requires a skill of 21 to equip on your ship. Press the view button for the weapon you need, either energy or kinetic and then choose to buy one of them on the next page. Continue on the conformation page then you need to spend the skill points so you can equip it.

Part 10.2: Spending skill points so you can equip your new gun

Do a virtual find for "skill" and this should jump you to the skills link in the bottom nav bar/footer. If not just hit f3 to jump to the next instance of the text "skills " and it should be the proper link. Hit enter on it and you are on your skills screen again. You will need to find the spend button for either energy weapons or kinetic weapons depending on what type of weapons you are using. You can do this by searching the text "energy" or "kinetic". Either that or jump to the first table on the page and navigate inside of it using table commands.

Find the proper skill and press the spend button for it. On the next screen double check you are purchasing the correct skill then type in 6 into the edit box as they both require 21 skill points and you already have 15. Purchase the points then return to your skills screen via the button on the conformation screen.

Part 10.3: Equipping your new gun on your ship

Search the text "p l", this will jump you directly to your ship space loadout. Press enter on it and you will be on your ship loadout again. Jump by button from the top of the page, the first button will be your currently equipped weapon, click on it. Now jump by button on the next two pages and choose to un equip it, then return to ship loadout. After that you are on the main ship loadout page again. Click the button for your weapon slot 1 and you are on the page to equip your new weapon. All the weapons are shown in a table. jump to that table and locate your new weapon, click the button to equip it, jump by button on the conformation screen and return to your ship loadout. Now you are all set and can jump to the first visited link on the page to exit your load out and return to the promenade.

Part 10.4: Accepting your mission from Gunny and traveling to Far Point 1

Talk to Gunny and you will be told you need to go kill two combat drones at Combat Range 1 located in Far Point 1. Accept the mission then undock from New Orion and travel to Far Point 1. You really should be able to do this on your own by now, if not then go read the previous guides.

Once you are in far Point 1 and orbiting Combat Range 1 you will want to do a combat scan. This time remember you are looking for combat drones. You can search the text "Combat Drone" to see if one was picked up in your combat scan. If not do another scan until you find one.

10.5: Killing the Combat Drones

Once you find a combat drone and attack it make sure you check your armor and hull while in combat. I would suggest after 4 shots you jump by table to see how hard you are hitting them. This is located in the second table. Then in the third table you can see how hard they are hitting you. Also jump by graphics and check your armor and hull. You should have no issues as the new gun hits for over 100 damage allowing you to blow them up no problem. Don't forget to repair your ship after the combats.

After you get your two kills then it is time to head back to New Orion and finish your mission.

Part 10.6: Returning to New Orion, repairing, selling loot to Joe, and completing your mission

Use the jump gate to travel back to the Feris system then dock at New Orion. Use the repair service at the promenade then sell your loot to Joe. After that you can go talk to Gunny and you will get your mission rewards. There is only one more mission after this and one more guide.

Continue to the getting started guide part 11, Gunny's last mission killing a pirate.

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