Getting Started Part 11

This will be a very quick and simple guide. Things covered will be:

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Part 11.1: Accepting your last mission from Gunny

Talk to Gunny and get your last mission from her. She will tell you to find a pirate to kill in the Feris system. This will be no problem since you bought the bigger gun in the last guide. If you didn't buy a new gun yet you can go back to guide 10 and follow the steps. Once you accept the mission you are ready to undock and find a pirate to kill.

Part 11.2: Finding and killing a pirate in Feris

Undock from New Orion but stay in orbit of it. There is no reason to switch planets, they are all law level 12 and will have the same ships. Just do a combat scan and find a pirate that is threat level 9 or below. Once you find one attack it but don't forget to keep an eye on your armor and hull, if your hull gets to 0 you die and lose the fight. If your hull does end up getting too low you can exit combat via the link at the bottom of the page. You can hit control end to find it, or just search the text "exit". Once you kill a pirate collect the loot and re dock at New Orion.

Part 11.3: Repairing, Selling loot to Joe, and completing the mission

Once you are docked use the promenade's repair service. After that sell your loot to Joe, then talk to Gunny and complete your mission. This is the last mission from Gunny, so if you go talk to her again she will give you ideas of other NPCs you can go talk to and get missions from.

Right now this is the end of the guides. At some point down the road if people would like guides getting you a little more into the game then I can do that, but as it stands now just go where Gunny points you and do the other NPC missions.

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