Getting Started Guide Part 1

This guide is fairly straight forward and short. The only things it covers are.

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part 1.1: beginning notes

Pre-guide note: Internet Explorer sucks for everything yes, but I hold to the opinion that it is the best for playing core-exiles. This doesn't mean you have to play the game in Internet explorer, others use Firefox and some use Chrome. I however have used all three and found I get the fastest page loads in IE running with no add-ons. I'll specifically be talking about IE in this guide, if you are using FF or Chrome you may not need to do everything I'm doing to get it set up, however the jaws settings will still apply later. You may also notice that I am being overly descriptive, this is important, I've found that it is way easier than one might think for people to get lost while following directions. I've learned it is best to give too much information than too little.

part 1.2: how to run IE with no add ons

This is super simple in Windows 7, not so much in windows 10. For windows seven just hit the windows button on your keyboard and type in "no add" then hit enter. You are now running IE with no add-ons.

If you are using Windows 10 then it is a little bit more difficult. You can't get directly to it easily, so the best thing to do is to create a desktop shortcut for running it. This is quick and simple.

  1. first go to your desktop.
  2. hit control + space so nothing is selected.
  3. hit shift + f10 or the applications key on your keyboard to bring up the applications menu.
  4. arrow down to "New sub menu".
  5. hit right arrow, then down arrow and hit enter on "shortcut", this opens up a dialog.
  6. for the location type in, "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -extoff" and hit enter.
  7. give the shortcut a name on the next page, like IE no add ons, hit enter and you are done.
  8. clicking on the icon you just made on your desktop launches IE with no add ons.

Part 1.3: Going to and creating your account

now Open up IE with no add ons and Head on over to You are on the main landing page for Core-exiles now, this page just has a bunch of recent events, news, and all sorts of stuff but honestly I rarely ever visit this page and almost never read it. If you want to go ahead, all the information about the game you can suck up into your head is beneficial down the road...honestly.

There are allot of headings on this page, so if you just want to move forward with the guide do a virtual search, insert + control + F for NVDA or just control + F for jaws. Search for the word "create". This will bring you to a heading titled create account. Under this heading is a poorly labeled graphical link of "images/create2". Click on this to open up the create account page in a new window. If it doesn't open cause of your pop up blocker then just hit shift enter or control enter on the link to open it in a new page or new tab.

Part 1.4: creating your account, picking a name and signing in

The first page you are on is a page confirming you agree to the terms and conditions of the game before you play. There is a link for the terms, and I suggest you go ahead and read that, it isn't that big and it is good to know the rules so you aren't cheating. The game is extremely cheat free, and that is part of what makes it such a good game, so make sure you follow the rules. After you read the terms click the button to agree and continue/.

The next page is a very standard page with a few forms. Just hit F to jump to the first one. Fill in the proper information. Captain's name, E-mail, first name, last name, and if you wish to be Recommended by me, holiday put that in the Recommended by field. There are perks we both get if you reach level 20, and 35. If you do add me as the one who Recommended you make sure to let me know so I can process the rewards for the both of us, if I don't know then we won't get anything. Also the captain name is what everyone will know you by, don't make some stupid name that has a bunch of random numbers and letters at the end of it, it will be the name you are stuck with for years if you enjoy the game.

After everything is filled out submit it and continue to the next page. On this page you will have a randomly generated password, copy this password. With the password, it is best to select it character by character so you only copy the actual password. The parentheses at the start and end are not part of your password. There is a link here to proceed to the log in page, go ahead and click that after you have copied your password, and log into the game using your captain's name and the copied password.

Part 1.5: agreeing to play by the rules of the game

Yes I know everyone already agreed to the terms of the game. After you log in for the first time you are on a page which asks you to agree to the rules again. This page lays out the process for bugs, explains some simple things like the chat and the community, then highlights a couple more important rules you need to agree to in order to play. After reading the page there is a button at the bottom you can click to proceed into the game itself. Click this button and you will be in the game proper.

Part 1.6: setting up Internet explorer in compatibility view

If you have been following the guide step by step then you will have to close your browser window and re open Internet Explorer with no add-ons. This is because the current browser window you are in is a trimmed down browser. You don't have access to your menus at the top and you cannot type in the address bar. Simply close the browser window and re open IE with no addons. Go back to and then follow the steps in the guide below.

It is best to go ahead and get this done right away, so you have the best core-exiles experience you can have from the start. I'll list out the steps which are also located in the four tabs section of the screen reader section.

  1. In Internet Explorer go to the tools menu, alt + T.
  2. Hit "B" to directly open compatibility settings, or arrow down to compatibility settings and hit enter on it.
  3. In the field labeled, "Add this website", check to see if is already filled in. If so tab down once and hit enter on the add button.
  4. If it was not added in then you want to type in the address for then tab once and press enter on the "add" button.
  5. If you start it with http:// or https:// it won't work, only type in
  6. After pressing the "add" button tab down and check the box to "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View".
  7. Now go down to the close button and it is saved.
  8. If you were logged into the game it may log you out at this point.

  9. You should still be on the main core-exiles landing page. Do a virtual find for "launch". This will bring you to a link that reads "# Launch Game #". Click on this link and a new window will open. This new window is the core-exiles log in page. I would go ahead and bookmark/favorite this page. You can even use it as your homepage if you only plan on using Internet Explorer for core-exiles.

    After this you are all set and ready to move on to Part 2 of the guide.

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