Getting Started Guide Part 6

This guide will be covering the fourth and final mission from Jonas Hawk. In this guide the following things will be covered.

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Part 6.1: Accepting your mission from Jonas

You should have this down by now. On Starbase-51 View then talk to Jonas. He will give you your mission details. You need to trade 50 units of ore to someone called Commercial Trader. You are not given a location so anywhere should work. You can source the ore however you want but the quickest way is to mine it in Ethan than also trade it to Commercial Trader in Ethan. That is what I will be covering in this guide.

Part 6.2: Traveling to Ethan and mining the ore

Undock from SB51 and dock at the jump gate. Ethan is only one jump away, jump there then undock. Now go orbit the asteroid in the system then click the mine link at the top of the body section. From the top of the page you can just hit V for the first visited link. This should be the mine link.

Go through the normal mining process, press the click me button then press loot all on the collection page. Do this until you don't have a loot all button, then tractor the ores individually until you have a full cargo of ore.

Now dock at the first planet in the solar system. Hit control Home then B to jump to the first button on the page. This will be a planet called Darius.

Part 6.3: Trading the ore to another player

After you are docked you are going to want to get into your ship's cargo hold. To do this you need to click on your ship store link in the bottom nav bar. The quickest way to jump to it is to search "P S" which is p space s. this will jump you right to your ship space store. Click on the link. On the next page there are two ways to get to your cargo store. You can just search go space S, or you can go to the first table on the page and arrow down or use table commands until you get to your cargo store. However you get there just click on your cargo store.

On the next page you are going to have a table which lists all your items currently in your ship's cargo hold. This will be the second table on the page. Since you only have the one item there, 50 units of ore you don't need to read down and find the proper item. You can just jump by button until you find the trade button. However realize if you have more than one item in your hold in the future you will need to use table commands to read through the table and find the correct item.

After clicking on the trade button you are going to be brought to a page with three fields to fill in. Amount of item, Total price of item, and the player to trade the items to. In the first box you would put in 50 because that is how much Jonas told you to trade him. The cost is 500, again because Jonas told you to. Then finally for the player name you put in "Commercial Trader". I don't know if the capitals are necessary but it is better to be safe than sorry. Once all the fields are filled in then hit the trade button and you are all set. Exit out of your ship's store and you will be on the promenade for Darius again.

Part 6.4: Returning to Jonas and completing your mission and what to do next

Undock from Darius and dock at the jump gate. Jump back to Feris and undock. orbit then Dock at SB51 and talk to Jonas. If you did everything correctly the mission will be completed and you will get paid. This is the last mission from Jonas so proceed through the continue buttons until you are put back on the main promenade page. Then view and talk to Jonas again. He will tell you where to go for your next set of missions. He will also inform you that he gave you a combat scanner along with 1 kinetic and 1 energy weapon. You will choose what one you want to use for the next set of NPC missions with Gunny. This is covered in the next guide.

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