The Buy Sell Player ads

This page is really simplistic, it is just a normal table with the topics, the person who posted it, the last reply, and a button to view the post. This guide will not be about that however, instead it will be on the problem of replying to a post inside of a topic.

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Replying To a Topic

So lets assume you have already found a buy sell ad you wish to post a reply to, but you are clicking the reply to post link and nothing is happening. This has been an issue with core-exiles for awhile now,but there is a way to get the proper edit boxes to show up on the page all the same.

This guide will be for those using Jaws, for NVDA you will have to use the equal to this process, what that is I don't know.

  1. After you have viewed a post, and you are on the page for the specific post.
  2. Find the link which reads, "Reply to Post".
  3. With your num pad off press the * button to perform a num pad right click.
  4. This will activate the link and allow you to post your reply in the edit box that appears below.
  5. If it didn't show up try insert + escape for a Jaws screen refresh.

This has always worked for me, if it doesn't work for you, make sure your virtual is routed to PC by pressing insert + delete. If it still doesn't work with a num pad right click try a left click, or control + left click. After each attempt press insert + escape to perform a Jaws screen refresh. I've never had to go through all of this, but just in case you do I'm putting it here.