The Galactic Emporium

There are a few options when using the galactic emporium. You can use the one that is built into the game and has a search feature. This options lists all of the things for sale in every emporium no matter how long they have been listed, and it allows for sorting by the table headers.

The other option is to use the option you have in the CE stats portal. This is a very simple and easier to use option, but it only lists the latest 1,000 item listed. This does tend to go back quite a ways, and it does work for just about everything. This is also an external page so you can bookmark and view it whenever outside of the game. It is not sortable nor searchable however. Using a screen reader's virtual find feature makes the lack of a built in search feature a small thing however.

You can open the stats portal emporium listing in a new page.