The Galactic Emporium

There are a few options when using the galactic emporium. You can use the one that is built into the game and has a search feature. This options lists all of the things for sale in every emporium no matter how long they have been listed, and it allows for sorting by the table headers.

The other option is to use the option you have in the CE stats portal. This is a very simple and easier to use option, but it only lists the latest 1,000 item listed. This does tend to go back quite a ways, and it does work for just about everything. This is also an external page so you can bookmark and view it whenever outside of the game. It is not sortable nor searchable however. Using a screen reader's virtual find feature makes the lack of a built in search feature a small thing however.

You can open the stats portal emporium listing in a new page.

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Important Note!

If you have compatibility view enabled, you will need to remove as a site before you can use the in game version of the emporium. For some reason if you try to load the emporium view with core-exiles as a added site it will not load properly.

The built in Galactic Emporium listing

This is located in the System Tab, if you aren't sure on how to access your tabs, you can read about them over here.

The first thing to keep in mind is the emporium listing is big and you need to wait a few seconds or up to a minute for it to load for the first time. Depending on your browser and how you have it set to cache it will take different amounts of time. For me the first time I open it I wait around a minute, but then any time after that and it opens up pretty quick.

Searching The Galactic Emporium

If you know what you want to find specifically, a search is your best bet. The search is not very good if you don't spell something exact, so make sure you have the proper spelling, it won't know what you mean if you misspell it. The easiest thing to do is just paste what you need, but make sure you don't have extra spaces on the beginning or end of your text or it might not show properly.

If you are typing in your search manually type slow. This is very important, if you type too fast it won't accept all of your keystrokes and you'll only have half a word in your search box which isn't any use. I type extremely slow, and normally I only have to type in the first couple letters of something before it pops up in the search results.

As you type it searches in real time, so you will start getting results and your screen reader will probably start randomly reading what is below focus as it changes. As long as you type slow this won't be a problem though, get the first part of what you need in the search box, and if it is for sale somewhere then you'll see it in the table search results below.

Reading The Emporium Search Results

As so many things in core exiles, the search results are going to show in a nice table. This makes it quite easy to view all the information you need for each item.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind however.

That sums up the galactic emporium listing, make sure you wait for the page to load and don't hit escape while it is doing so. If you have an issue with nothing showing in the emporium listing you may have to remove from your list of sites which are displayed in compatibility view. It is fairly simple to add and remove sites for a quick viewing of the emporium. If you don't want to go through this extra step, there is an alternative option however.

You can open the stats portal emporium listing in a new page.