Using The Galactic Buyer's Market

This is a rather invaluable part of the game and it is very active. You really need to know how to use it both to put up contracts and to deposit onto others contracts to make credits.

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The System Tab GBM View

This option for the galactic buyers market is located in the system tab, and is the option you choose if you wish to put up a contract for others to fill. The page layout is fairly simple and straight forward but I'll go over it all the same.

The System Tab GBM View Page Description

If you start at the top of the page you will notice it puts you into a table right away. This table is the entire page, at the top you will have a few bits of information relating to the GBM, it will look something like this.

You can sort by Buyer or Commodity Name by Clicking the column header!  
Sell to GBM: 1. Locate a Dock with a GBM Office. 2. Transfer goods to local Commercial Storage. 3. Talk to GBM NPC on Promenade.
Galactic Buyers Market
Contracts Complete: 220,681
Link Exit

After this you are going to be in the main table, as it said above you can choose to sort the table by either item required or the person buying the items, but only one of these two options. The table headers are as follows.

Buyer, Item Required, CPU Price, Original Amount, Qty Required, Cancel.

Some more information about these table headers and the columns they represent.

This is simply the person who is doing the buying of the item. The one who put up the contract, and if you were to travel to an actual GBM location and deposit on the contract this person would be the one receiving the items and you would be getting paid with their credits.

Item Required:
This is clearly the item they are wanting to buy. This can only be a resource in the game. For example it couldn't be for something that is a module or space debris or something similar. Only for a resource, combat loot, Commodity or something along those lines.

CPU Price:
This stands for Credits Per Unit. This is how much the person is offering per 1 unit of resource.

Original Amount:
This is what they originally put up the contract for, the total amount of the resource they needed.

Qty Required:
This is the quantity they still require filled on their contract. For example, if the original amount was 1,000 but the qty required is listed at 750 this means that someone has already deposited 250 towards the contract but the person still needs 750 of the resource.

This option is only important if you have a contract currently up. For any outstanding contract you have on the GBM you can hit the button in this column to cancel the contract. You will be given back the remaining credits outstanding and the contract will be taken down.

Putting Up A GBM Contract

AT the bottom of the table you will see a combo box which is used for putting up a contract of your own. After you select the resource you wish to put up you press the submit button. This will bring you to the page for filling in the amount you want, and the CPU. Make sure you don't mix these two values up, you could really lose allot of credits if you do so. The credits for the contract will be taken out of your ship's account when you put up the contract, so if you don't have them there you won't be able to complete the process. After the contract is up whenever someone fills part or all of it you will receive a notification in your mailbox letting you know the amount filled and who filled it.

The GBM Location View, Filling Contracts

This option is only available if you enter into a GBM office from a Promenade. After you click view on a GBM office, then you click talk to galactic buyers market and you will be taken to the page where you can deposit/sell your resources.

Note: you can only deposit resources onto a contract if you have the resources stored at the same location you are viewing the GBM at.

The GBM Location View Page Layout

At the top of the page you are going to see something similar to what was on the system tab view. The first difference is a place contract button, and the group of links at the top of the table. The button simply brings you to the page described above, the links I'll cover more in depth.

Now more details about these links and what they do.

Contract List (Buyer A-Z):
This simply sorts the table by the item required either A to Z or Z to A.

Contract List (Item A-Z):
This does the same as above, only with the names of the resource required instead.

My Goods Vs List: This will filter the table so you only see contracts that match your commercial stores. In other words, if you don't have the item stored in the local CS then you won't see the contracts. Only those you are capable of completing.

Your Contracts:
This will bring you to a different table which is only items you have stored in a GBM office somewhere in the CE world. This would be if you put up a contract and part or all of it was filled. This is where you would go to collect your resources out of the GBM and have them deposited into your local commercial storage. Note that it doesn't matter where you put up the contract or where it was filled, you can collect the resources from any GBM office anywhere.

The Layout Of The Table headers

I'm not going to re-list all of the table headers, they are all the same as above, but realize they are not in the same order. You can look at them and realize the order. The one difference are the last two headers and columns. These have an edit box in the first of the two and a deposit button in the last. It is here you type in the amount of the requested resource you wish to deposit and either hit enter while in the edit box or the deposit button next to the box. When you deposit you get a conformation page, then after you press the button to return to office you will receive the credits and the items will be removed from your commercial storage.