In Orbit / Solar System View

If you are undocked, this is the screen you will be seeing. It will be filled with stars, planets, a jump gate, maybe an asteroid or fuel depot or some other item you can interact with. Each solar system is completely unique and has different planets and interaction items available.

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The top of the In Orbit / Solar System View Page

The first thing you will see at the top of this page is something along the lines of "Navigation | S.I.S » 11". This is simply telling you how many other players are located in the solar system. In this example there are 11 players in the system.

Next there is a list of labeled graphics, these will read different depending on what browser and screen reader you are using. They may say something like span class before and after, if this is the case, just use your jaws graphics labeler to fix them to say what you wish.

In order from the top mine say:

  • N.E.I or stat_panel/nei
  • Derelict Scan or stat_panel/scan2.
  • Combat Scan or stat_panel/scan.
  • Repair Options or stat_panel/repair.
  • Homing Beacon or stat_panel/home_lock.
  • Wreck Salvage or stat_panel/salv.

If you are orbiting a jump gate you will see a JDN or stat pan equal graphic, if you are orbiting an asteroid you will see a graphic to mine, this is similar for other things you can interact with.

I'll break these down and explain them more fully.


This graphic brings you to a screen where you can choose to jump through worm holes to specific anchor points in the known galaxies. You need to have a NEI device fitted in a specials slot to use them, they are unlocked at level 35. This not only saves fuel for the big jumps, but it also saves you manually moving through the individual jump gates to get somewhere.

Derelict Scan:

This is the option for suiting up and exploring abandoned ships in the system you are in. You can move around in them and find items that are pretty rare. At some point you can also do close quarters combat while moving around and exploring. There are guides for doing this you can read on the forums, and the point of this guide is just to help you understand the options, not explain how to do all the things in game. You do need a minimum of a scanner which is a ship load out system, a docking collar small which is a ship special, a personal space suit which is personal load out, and some oxygen bottles which are also personal loadout.

Combat Scan:

This is how you scan for ships to kill via combat. You will need a combat scanner of some sort fitted in your systems slot of your ship load out, and a weapon would be a pretty good idea as well.

Repair Options:>

This is where you repair your ship. You will have combo boxes for using kits to repair your shields, armour, and hull. There is also an option at the bottom to use repair drones.

Homing Beacon:

This simply lets you jump to a location you have set as home. The distance is limited to 275 fuel distance however, and you don't get xp for the trip. The only two options on this page are to jump home, or to set your current location as your home.

Wreck Salvage:

If you have the proper scanners and salvage weapons you can use this to scan for ships killed by other players in your system. You can than salvage them and collect resources from the wrecks as you cut them down.


You only see this if you are orbiting a jump gate. This stands for Jump Drive Navigation. You need a JDN fitted in a systems slot, and if you have one it allows you to jump directly to a solar system in the fuel range of the specific JDN you have equipped.

The List Of Planets And Interactables In The Solar System

In each system you will have a bunch of buttons, they will be names of planets, star-bases, stars, asteroids, fuel depots, jump gates, refineries, and I'm sure more stuff to come. Clicking on these once will put you in orbit of the one you chose, clicking on the button a second time will then bring you to either the interaction conformation screen, or the docking conformation screen. If the planet has more than one docking location, meaning there are player settlements you have to pick what on you want to dock at.

If you are orbiting a planet there is also a link at the bottom of the page that simply says "dock at name". You can jump directly to this link quickly by searching the text "k a". This is how I dock every time.

The Table Of What Can Be Orbited At The Bottom

The bottom table on the page is a list of only the places you can orbit and dock or interact with. This doesn't include all the stars in the system. The far right of the table is a button that may be called navmove, or if you labeled them like I suggested in the basic page layout section then yours will say orbit as well.

next to each orbit button is a bit of information about the planet/interaction item. It will look something like this...

"Honiru Tech: 9 Law: 7 Ports: 4".

This is the name of the planet, the tech level, the law level, and the ports means the amount of dockable locations at the planet. In this case there are 4 places to dock, the 1 NPC planet location and 3 player settlements in addition to that.

The law level is important when finding a good spot to do combat, 12 is the easiest and 1 is the hardest.