The Jump Gate Nexus

This is how you travel between solar systems. There is a Jump Gate in every system, and it costs fuel to jump between systems. The fuel amount is different for every jump, some are 3 fuel, some are hundreds when jumping between galaxies. It is very important to make sure you are clicking on the proper jump button and not getting lost and wasting fuel.

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The Top Of The Jump Gate Nexus Screen

This assumes you are already docked at the jump gate.

There are only two links at the top of the jump gate screen.

Activate JDN:

This stands for Jump Drive Navigation. You need a JDN fitted in a systems slot, and if you have one it allows you to jump directly to a solar system in the fuel range of the specific JDN you have equipped.


This opens up the plotter in a new window. It simply allows you to put in two different solar system locations and it will plot the rout to travel which is least fuel. It is great for using to get between two locations, it is invaluable at the beginning as you are learning the locations of the hundreds of systems in game.?

The List Of Places To Jump To

This is a standard table, and it is really straight forward, but also easy to make a mistake on and waste fuel.

From left to right the table headers are...

so if you were to read it from left to right it might read like this.

Jump Gate nexus, Angusti, 25, 12, Contested, Jump button.

So the button to jump is to the right of the solar system name, hitting the jump button then puts you in thee new system, still docked at the jump gate however.. If you want to go in orbit in the new system you simply hit the button at the bottom that says "undock in name". This will then allow you to navigate within the system freely.

If you are traveling between systems that are spaced apart you simply stay docked at the jump gate and follow the rout laid out in the plotter which you are hopefully using, then undock when you get to your final destination.