The Promenade

The layout of this page is the same no matter what promenade you are at, but the options at each one are different depending on what it offers. Some are very small with just a Joes/TDK and a Commercial Storage, others have over 10 different options to pick from.

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Where and what is a promenade?

A promenade is simply a place where all the stores on a settlement or planet are located. You can think of it as a town square, or whatever makes it easier to remember. It is simply the page you see when you complete docking at a settlement or planet in game. If you are docked then the default screen you have is a promenade.

The Top Options For The Promenade Screen

If you are located at a player settlement the first thing you will see at the top of the promenade is some stats about the specific settlement you are docked at, it might look something like this.

Set Level 6 - HP 347,569 (350,000) - Shield 0 (0) - Last Attack Jan 18th - Morale: 100%.

This doesn't mean much, but if the morale is at something like 25% then you probably shouldn't store anything there as it is an unsafe settlement to trust your stuff at.

Next you will enter into a table, this is the main part of the promenade. You will see a line that is one of the following.

Promenade : Tombstone (TL: 12 - Tax: 5%).

or, Promenade : Honiru (TL: 9(.

This is simply telling you the planet or settlement name, the tax rate if it is a settlement, and the tech/law level of the particular promenade. The higher the tech level the more items that will be listed for sale in the NPC stores.

Next you will see a series of links which will bring you to different services offered by the specific promenade. Not all promenades offer the same options, some planets have repair services, some have manufacturing, some have passengers. It is different and all dependent on the particular place you are docked at. Some of the options you may see are...

Secure Store:

This is a place to store stuff you might not want cluttering up your ship store. Equipment and things like that. It is free, and you can retrieve it from any location.


The only thing of any use here is storing some of your credits, there are loans and stocks but they are both for the most rip offs.

Ship Hanger:

Once you get a ship hanger licence(UHL) you can own multiple ships and choose which one you want to use. This is where you go to view and switch ships. You can also view the hanger sales and buy ships other players are selling.

View Docked Players:

This is very self explanatory, you can view other players docked at your location along with their ship name, level and I believe guild.

Passenger Office:

if a settlement has a passenger office this is where you go to pick up passengers, you need a passenger cabin or equal fitted to haul passengers.

Collection Point:

If someone in game has traded you an item, they leave it for you at a collection point. You would of gotten an E-mail about it in your notifications section of your mailbox. You then go to the location, dock, and click on this link. You can collect the item or transfer the resources to the local commercial storage.

Repair Service:

This link is only at NPC planets, and it allows you to repair your ship at a cost, overall it is not worth it and much better to use the repair options and E.B.K kits when in orbit.

The Stores Table For The Promenade

This is simply a table of all the options you have at the planet/settlement you are currently docked at. You will see on the far left of the table the names of the options, you will see something like Commercial Store Transport, Commercial Storage, TDK Emporium, Festive Center, Exile Foundry, Gleso Industries, Starship Manufacturing Center, Galactic Buyers Market and so on. The next column is the type of store it is, next is the percentage discount if it is a player settlement, and the current stock value if it is a planet promenade. Finally to the far right of the table is a view button, this will bring you to a page that lists more information about the particular store/option and then you can choose to enter into the one you chose or to return back to the promenade.

At the bottom of the table you will have a button to undock from the settlement/planet. Doing this will then put you in orbit and you can dock at a different place or choose to leave the system through the jump gate.