The resource Look Up

This can be a very useful tool to use if you need a resource and you don't know what to pay for it, or where to find it yourself. It is pretty straight forward, but some folks have had problems with it in the past so I'm going to spend a little bit of time covering it here.

Thanks to Yogan there is also a listing of all the resources along with where you can get them right here on BSG. If you prefer you can use the BSG resource listing.

Basic page layout

At the top of the page you are simply going to have some text explaining the page to you. This is another external page so you can choose to bookmark it if you want and visit whenever you wish.

There are two important forms at the top of the table you can use. The first is a combo box which allows you to chose how many of the items you want to show on the page at once. I normally just hit enter on this then end so I am viewing all of them.

The other option is a edit box which is a search. Again like with the Galactic Emporium Listing It automatically searches as you type, and if you type too fast it won't put all of your keystrokes into the edit box. If you are not pasting the direct text of a resource name then it is best to type abnormally slow so it doesn't do this to you. I never use the search feature here, I just choose to show all then do a virtual find with jaws to jump directly to what I need to view.

The Table Of The Resource List

The headers for the table are in the following order.

resource = name, type, info, Joe/TDK, G.B.M, Emporium, loc = location for emporium.

I'll break these down a little more.


this is simply the name, it is very straight forward.


This will tell you what kind of category the resource is, it could just be resource, special resource, expanse, or Commodity.


This will give you a quick run down of the places you can and can't get the resource. For example it might say something like.

•Combat Loot • No Data, Derelict Loot • No Data, Mining Loot • Yes, Nebula Harvesters • No Data
Exploration • Yes, Wreck Salvage • Yes, Planet Extractors • Yes, Settlement Loot • No Data

If it isn't showing you this information try pressing insert + control + enter on the button in this columns and it should expand the mouse hover text and read this information after that.


This will give you the base Joe and TDK price of the resource in that row. This is the lowest possible price of the item, not what you should normally sell it for unless you are doing someone a favor. It is more or less just used as a reference.


This will simply tell you what the current price is for an item on the GBM. If it is not up then it will say not offered.

Emporium and loc:

This will tell you the price of the item in the first columns, and the locations it is being offered in the second column.

That is the whole page, as long as you understand the table layout it is really easy to use. Just remember the trick to use insert + control + enter to get it to show you the places you can get the items if it isn't showing it already. Also keep in mind you can sort the table headers by clicking on them like with allot of tables in game.