The Ship Loadout

This guide will be covering the layout of the ship loadout page in core-exiles. It will go over the main ship loadout where you have your main ship slots. It will also cover the best way to navigate on the listing of equipment you can put on your ship.

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The Main Ship Loadout Page

You can access your ship load out from the bottom nav bar/footer. The quickest way to jump to it is by doing a search for the text "p s" This will jump you directly to the ship space loadout.

Directly under the Assets Tab you will find just a couple lines of text. These will tell you what your current ship type is, and if it is player made it will tell you how many crew members you have or can have.

The main body of the Ship Loadout is formatted in a table, but the best way to navigate it is via jumping by buttons with the "B" key. If you jump by button you will find the following buttons in the following order.

Every ship no matter how fancy it is will always have these 10 slots. Two weapons, three systems, two reactors, one cargo expander, one shield, and an engine. Unlike specials and pods all ships have the same exact ship loadout options. The one difference you will see is with the engine. If you purchase an upgraded engine from the CE Store then you will see that new engine in the last slot instead of the bio fuel 1.

Equipping An Item In a Slot

To do this you simply click on the button for the correct item. For example you cannot equip a cargo expander in a weapon slot, or anything else but a weapon.

If you click on the weapon slot 1 when it is empty you will be brought to a page which lists all of the weapons you have in your ship store. This will include weapons you cannot equip. They will be sorted in a table and you can use normal table commands to equip the item. The table headers are as follows.

You an go through the table to find the item you want to equip and when you find the correct one you simply hit the equip button to the far right of it in the table.

After equipping the item you will be brought to a conformation screen that reads something like...

Congratulations Name, you have successfully equipped Item Name. 

Our energy reserves will be adjusted accordingly, and the item is now available for use.

button Return to Ship Loadout

After pressing the button to continue you are brought back to your main ship loadout page. The button you clicked to equip the item will now be labeled to read as what is currently equipped. You do this for anything you want to equip on your ship.

Un equipping Something From Your Ship Loadout Page

If you go to an item slot which is not listed as being empty it will say the name of what is equipped in that slot. To un equip that item just click on the button for it. On the next page you will see the item's description. At the bottom of the description you will have two buttons which read as Return to Loadout button, and Un equip Item button. Clicking the un equip button will bring you to a conformation page letting you know it has been unequipped and put back in your ship store. Clicking continue after that will bring you right back to your main ship loadout page again. Now the slot you clicked on will show as being empty.