The Skills Screen

You will not be on this page allot in your game play, but when you are you will not want to make a mistake. It is also very important to make sure you understand how the skills system works.

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The Basic Layout Of The Page

AT the top of the content you will see something along these lines, only with your captain name and your unalicated IP instead of mine.

Skills IP Information Screen
Captain : Holiday Unallocated IP : 396,521 IP Resets : 15
Reset IP
Alien VS Non Alien Skills Overview
Non Alien Skills: The first table below lists 18 standard Captain skills. These can be reset at any time if you have a spare IP reset as shown above. When
purchasing skills ensure you enter the Skill amount required and not the IP value.

Alien Skills: Alien technology requires Alien Skills and Certification to be used. IP spent on Alien skills is NOT Reversible. Once IP is spent in an Alien
skill its there to stay! IP Resets do not affect Alien Skills in any way. There are 6 Basic Alien Skills.
Link Skills Screen

After this top message it goes into two tables which have normal and alien skills. You do not need to worry about alien skills, and do not spend anything on alien skills, it will be years before you are to this point in your game play. Only spend points on normal skills, this guide will only worry about the normal skills, not alien.

The Table Where You View and Spend IP On Skills

There is one very important thing to note about this table.

It is one large table, but there are two sides to it. For example, this is a full left to right reading of the table headers.

Type Skill Increase Info IP Cost Type Skill Increase Info IP Cost
energy weapons 0 spend button view button 275 Kinetic Weapons 0 spend button view button 210

As you can tell from the small example table above, there are both energy weapons and kinetic skills in 1 table row. On the left you have the energy weapons skill options, and on the right you have the kinetic weapons skill.

When you press the spend button you will be taken to the page to buy skills in the specific skill you chose. An example of this page is below.

Purchase Skill Points: Energy Weapons Skill Cost : 275 IP Per Skill Point Current Skill : 1133 Remaining IP : 396,521 Please Note : Simply enter how many Skill Points you require. If you have insufficient IP points you will be told when you attempt to purchase the Skill points. Each skill point has an IP Skill cost (shown above) you cannot spend more IP than you have. Lets take 'Energy Weapons' as an example. This skill costs 275 IP PER Skill point. So if we were to purchase 5 Skill Points it would require 1375 IP points, therefore we would enter '5' in the box below. Enter Amount of (Energy Weapons) Skill Points to Purchase ? Enter Amount of Skill Points  Edit box Purchase button Link Exit Skills Screen

this is very self explanatory, again this guide is not so much about how to play, but how to play with a screen reader. That being said, make sure you put in the amount of skill points you want to buy, not the amount of IP you are spending.

for example:

  • you need to buy 10 energy weapon skills.
  • this will require 2700 IP, 270 per skill point times 10.
  • So, when you are on the purchase page which is shown above, you would only put 10 into the edit box.
  • if you put in 2700 that would attempt to buy 2700 energy weapon skill points which would cost 729,000 IP.

The most important thing is to just understand that the skills table has two sides to it even though it is one big table.

Exiting The Skills Screen

If from the top of the page you press the V key you will jump to the first visited link on the page. This will more than likely read "visited link skills". This is the exit, if you read one line up there is normal text that says "exit" then the visited link of skills. Whenever I want to exit I just hit control home, V, then enter and I'm back at my default docked or undocked screen.