The Arid Grassland

this is a flap map which is mainly grass. it has a stream that travels through it and a couple interesting locations.

A Swift Flowing Stream

this stream starts in the south of the map and runs north all the way to the map border. it also bends around a hundred tiles north and travels east. it has trees along it's border

A stagnant pond

This is located in the south west of the map and has captured fish that spawn near it. you can also fish in this pond, but it is not deep enough to dive in.

A Dried Up Berry Patch

This is located in the north west of the map. it is surrounded by a tall fence you cannot jump over. there is a way in but you'll have to figure it out on your own.

A Small Oasis

This is located in the North East of the map. There are lots of trees here along with some fresh spring water, and a tall bananatree at it's center. There are also a few rabbits that like to stay inside the Oasis.

Landmarks of the Arid Grassland

a swift flowing stream
This stream runs north out of the pine forest, it goes for a hundred tiles or so then it splits where it both bends and travels east, and also continues north to the thin grassy forest. at the eastern border of the stream you can travel into the Windy Wolf Forest, at the northern end of the stream you can travel into the thin grassy forest. It can be tracked as Shallow Water.

The Stagnant Pond
This can be tracked by the mud, swamp, or water at it's center. it is located in the south west.

a Small Oasis
this can be tracked by it's short grass, the trees located in it, or the fresh spring water. it is in the north east.

A Dried Up Berry Patch
This can be tracked by the thick forest, or the fence wall that surrounds it. it has apples nuts and berrys that spawn inside the fence. It is located in the North West.

A banana tree
This tree is located at the heart of the oasis, it has leaves on the ground around it which can be tracked. there is also a thin strip of spring water around it you can drink with your hand.

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