The Windy Wolf Forest

The Windy Wolf forest is a dangerous but rewarding map full of lots of secrets and interesting places. It is not only the wolves you need to worry about but the high falls from it's high geography. There are many parts to the windy wolf, and most of them will be listed and described here.

the wolf valley

This valley runs from east to west and is roughly 150 tiles wide. In the valley is the Wolf River along with lots of trees and some fruit. North and south of the valley are walls you can climb up to reach the actual windy wolf forest.

the wolf river

This loud and fast flowing river runs from east to west located inside the valley. On it's far eastern side it ends in a dangerous waterfall which can be climbed down if you can find the way.

A large hole in the ground

This is located in the north side of the valley where it cuts into the north valley wall. it is roughly in the middle of the map and is about 100 tiles by 100 tiles wide. Falling into this will surely kill you, but if you are careful you can find the way to climb down to it's bottom.

A hidden lake

This is located in the bottom of the hole in the ground. there are a few rabbits here along with oysters underwater. there is a small island roughly at the lake's middle with a tall tree at it's center.

a small spring

this is located in the far north west of the map in the forested part above the valley. it has fresh spring water you can drink with your hand.

The Broken Bridge

This is a very very broken bridge that spans from south to north across the valley. it has allot of holes and empty spaces in it. be careful when crossing or you will likely die. using your camera is a must.

Abandoned Cave House of the Ancient Wolf People

It is somewhere, have fun finding it.

Abandoned Tree House

Have fun finding it

Borders of the Windy Wolf Forest

Landmarks of the Windy Wolf Forest

The wolf river
This runs from west to east and is the only way to get out of the map at it's borders. it is sunken in the valley so be careful when trying to cross it. you can track large rocks at it's edge.
Wolf Valley
This valley runs from east to west and has valley walls that are 20 tiles tall, so be careful climbing down into it.
a large hole in the ground
this is located north of the valley and is surrounded by stone. it is deep but there is a way down
a hidden lake
this is at the bottom of the hole in the ground
a spring
this is in the far north west and has wall dirt you can track
a dangerous waterfall
this is at the eastern side of the river, and it has a hard climb down but leads to a small lake at the bottom
The Broken Bridge
This spans from south to north. it goes across the valley just east of the center of the map. it can be tracked as unstable plank.
a cave house
somewhere under the rainbow
tree house
somewhere over the rainbow

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