The Beautiful Forest Landscape

This map is most well known for the fruit that spawns there. You can collect your fill of bananas, apples, and berries.

the Beautiful Forest landscape can be broken up into 3 sections that run from east to west

  • the southern third containing the lake
  • the middle third containing grass and trees
  • the northern third containing the large pond

The Southern Third

This section of the Beautiful Forest is almost completely taken up by a large lake. There is a clay strip to the south, and a wet part of the forest south which leads to the very wet rainforest.

The Middle Third

This section of the Beautiful Forest is sprinkled with trees, some high enough to severely hurt you if you fall out of them. This is also where you tend to find the most rabbits. to the west is the marsh/swamp.

The Northern third

This part of the Beautiful Forest also has trees and some rabbits, but it's main landmark is the large pond. You can find oysters here like the pond in the mainland. It is located "roughly" in the middle southern part of the northern third.

Landmarks of the Beautiful Forest

The Large Lake
this takes up almost the entire southern third of the map and nearly spans completely west to east. it has a mud border that is trackable.

The Large Pond
As you could guess from it's name, this pond is larger than the one on the mainland. It is roughly in the middle of the Northern third of the map. It also has a mud border that is trackable, and a few trees around it.

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