The Very Wet Rainforest

The Rainforest is an interesting map with a rather simple geography. It has allot of items that spawn in it's borders, some of which are: bananas, apples, berrys, nuts, pine, wood, and branches, along with rabbits, bears, and wolves near the pond. The map can be viewed as consentric rings of forest with the pond in it's center.

the first ring, a very very wet forest, with water dripping from every surface

This section is grass, and is the outer mmost ring of the map.

the 2nd ring, a thicker and more wet area of the forest

This section of the forest is trackable as weed tiles, the same that you would find on the mainland.

the 3rd ring, a very thick and more wet part of the forest

Yes, these are the actual names of the map sections, can't make this up. This section is a thick and weedy section. it has the same type of tiles as the thick and weedy forest, and with the same effects as the thick and weedy forest if you try to collect a resource. every time you hit space with an empty hand you will gather something different.

The 4th ring, A thinner but even wetter part of the forest

This section is a marsh, and is the last ring surrounding the pond in the middle. There are also plenty of rabbits in this section near the pond.

The center of the rings, a lake/pond forced into the ground by the driving rain

This is by far the largest pond in the game, and it is full of Oysters ready for the picking. just be careful, because it is so big it is easy to stay under too long collecting them.

Landmarks of The Very Wet Rainforest

The lake/pond
This is located in the center of the map, and the center of all the other map zones. it is large and full of oysters. it also has rabbits around it most all times.

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