The Rocky Rugged Landscape

This map has a hell of allot going on, , I will try to break down some of the main points. There is allot of different elevation changes all in a small area, so bikes are likely to get blown up, and you will want to be careful with your camera when traveling away from the river.

The river

This runs from east to west just north of the middle of the map. to the west is the lush and leafy forest, and to the east is the rocky wasteland.

Pine And Juniper Forest

This is in the south east half of the map. It is at the top of a climbable cliff. It connects to the rocky wasteland east.

The valley

This is in the north east of the map, and it also connects with the rocky wasteland east.

the lake

This is located roughly in the south west of the map.

canyon openings

These are in the northern center of the map. They lead to the cannyons north.

borders of The Rocky Rugged Landscape

landmarks of The Rocky Rugged Landscape

The river
This has a river bank which you have to climb to reach or get out of the river bed. It runs from the western border of the map to the eastern border.
at the western edge is a travel point to get to the lush and leafy forest. East is a travel point to get to the rocky wasteland.
pine and juniper forest
This is located at the top of a cliff you have to climb.
up here some pine spawns, and you can continue in the forest east to the rocky wasteland. just be careful it is at the top of a cliff on the rocky wasteland as well.
The lake
This is located in the south west of the map.
It is not really trackable unless you are on the same level as it, and that is difficult with so many elevation changes.
It is not diveable.
The bridges
these span the river and the valley on the western side of the map, and they are trackable as deck or metal.

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