the rocky wasteland

This is a map with slight elevation changes, most of which is on the western border and south of the map. The map is full of deep rivers sunken into the ground at the bottom of climbable riverbanks, along with 2 sheltered lakes. The river leads both west to the rocky rugged landscape, and north to the wet medow

the western side of the map this part of the map is very rugged geography. it is an extention of the terrain from the rocky rugged landscape. It can be split into a northern and southern half, with the river splitting the two parts from one another. south of the river is a tall cliff. at the top of this cliff is a small spruce and juniper forest. north of the river is allot of rocky climbable parts, at the far north is a valley that extends into the rocky wasteland from the rocky rugged landscape. it runs for about 100 tiles east from the western map border.

the rivers and lakes of the rocky wasteland

there is actually 1 river that is all interconnected with the 2 sheltered lakes. if you come into the map from the river in the rocky rugged landscape there is a small waterfall that flows into the first of 2 sheltered lakes. there are rivers that flow in and out of the first sheltered lake north east south and west. they are all interconnected and generally run in a big circle connecting the 2 lakes with one another and the river that continues north into the wet medow. all the rivers are deep and divable, and all of them have a riverbank that has to be climbed down to reach them safely. if you follow the river in a generally northern direction you will reach the wet medow.

landmarks of the rocky wasteland

A small spruce and juniper forest
this is located in the south of the map at the top of a climbable cliff. the forest starts west in the rocky rugged landscape and continues east into the rocky wasteland.
Sheltered lakes
There are 2 of these lakes. one generally in the center of the map to the west, and another in the south east.
a small waterfall
this flows from the river west to one of the sheltered lakes
narrow valley
this starts in the rocky rugged landscape west and runs east into the rocky wasteland where it ends.

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