the wet medow

This is a fairly simple map. it is mostly all grass with a simple river system and a large shallow lake. one thing to keep in mind is when it rains on this map it completely floods the entire map.

The river

The river flows from the rocky wasteland south, it is deep enough to dive in. it continues about 100 tiles north in the wet medow, then it splits and flows east and west. both the east and west branch of it then flow north for awhile before they bend and flow back together in the north of the map. from there it continues north into the stepped plains.

The large shallow lake

This lake is fed by a shallow stream that flows out of the north and south branch of the river on this map. it is located inside the big square the river makes. unlike the rivers this lake is to shallow to dive in.

Cannyon openings to the west

On the far western border of the map is where mouths of certain cannyons are located. you can enter into the bottom of the cannyons from these openings.

The southern map border

The elivation from the rocky wasteland extends into the wet medow. the far western part of this extention is a rocky out cropping. this is climbable and is an extention of the elevated terrain that starts on the rocky rugged landscape, continues into the rocky wasteland and ends at the wet medow.

landmarks of the wet medow

mouths of the cannyons
these are located on the far west of the map, the openings are dirt and trackable.
the river
this is not trackable unless you are already next to the river and not in the grass. the river is sunken in the map 2 tiles, so it cannot be tracked from the level of the grass.
large shallow lake
This is located in the middle of the map, in the middle of the square the river makes between the east and west branch.
rocky out cropping
this is in the south western corner of the map, it is climable and is just an extention of the climable terrain south from the rocky wasteland.

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