The Campground

the campground is a popular destination because of the valuable items that spawn there; a few of which are, Survival Packs, Shields, and Boomerangs.

The Campground is a narrower map with a very simple layout.

  • the desert entrance
  • the area from the fence to the brook, including the camp emblem
  • and everything north of the fence

The entrance to the desert

This section is in the southern most part of the Campground and spans all the way west to east. It is nothing but deep sand. To the south is the Desert, and to the east is the Rocky Spring. this section ends north at the fence.

The area from the fence to the brook

The fence spans across the entire map from west to east. It is 3 tiles tall and you can jump over it to reach the actual campground proper, or jump on top of the fence to collect metal. This section is fairly narrow as well, and it's only thing of note is the camp emblem. This is where the very tall Campground tree is located.

North of the brook

The map extends north from the brook for roughly 120 tiles. The only thing in this section is a whole lot of campground chairs. you can sit in these and your energy will increase slightly faster.

Landmarks of The Campground

the fence
This is the divider between the deep sand of the desert and the campground proper. It can be jumpped over, but you have to be careful or you will fall and lose health.
On top of the fence is where you can collect metal

the camp emblem
This is where the "campground tree" is located. It is around 20 or 30 tiles north of the fence on the Western half of the map.

the stream
It runs all the way from west to east North of the fence.

lots and lots of chairs
The vast majority of these are located North of the stream, they are spread out all over. just hit K to track them.

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