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Below you will find the audio and text guides for Stage 16 part 4 of BK3.

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Blind Ninja's Text Guide For Stage 16 Part 4


5 launchers, and the extinguisher. Do not let Carla near the extinguisher... she will get completely destroyed. Try to widdle down it's health with rocket fire from Electron, and take off it's last bit of health with the super hammer for the experience. The launchers may be worth keeping alive with medical kits if you wish for the experience from those too, but that's your choice. Don't forget to pick up the copper wires and huge coil, those come in quite handy for crafting, which has now been unlocked, as well as the shop from stage 15. The tent has people inside that either just chat with you, or give you a few hints and tips every now and then.

Stat points: I actually completely forgot to allocate points during the whole of stage 16... so here we are now, and this one is a full recap

  • Attack: 300, unchanged
  • Defense: 210, unchanged
  • Tech: 90, This is necessary for a later weapon.
  • Stamina: 60, unchanged
  • HP: 280,
  • If you have the mysterious abicus, maybe even without it you should have more than enough to buy all of the new weapons with some left over after all that. Go nuts!

    The buster blade is most likely the most useful weapon out of the bunch, because of it's ability to block incoming attacks you fail to dodge, it can even block bullets. I didn't know I was playing as Gray Fox now...

    Don't go too crazy with the 7.62 ammo though if you buy the Sniper rifle, you can craft more of that and save a lot of money.

    I recommend immediately going to the crafting workshop and turning some of that honey you got from all the bees into royal jelly, save some too though. Also make some bread, and if you can, turn that into lemonbread, which restores 1000 HP and stamina. For weapons, see the breakdown for more info. The high jump shoes, super pachinko, sky shooter and electric stick were my first weapon crafts.

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