Getting Started Guide Part 8

In this guide I will be covering the second mission in Gunny's mission chain. The topics covered will be very similar to the previous guide so it won't be as detailed. If you get lost at any point you can Return to part 7 of the getting started guide.

The topics covered in this guide will be:

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Part 8.1: Talking to Gunny and getting your next mission

You should still be docked at New Orion. Go talk to Gunny and get your second mission. It will be to kill four training drones in the Far Point 2 system at Combat Range 4. Before leaving you will need to equip the armor buff she has given you however, and it would be best to repair via the promenade before heading out.

Part 8.2: Equipping your armor buff on your specials screen and repairing

You may have noticed Gunny gave you a Ablative Armour Rev 1, this is an armor buff you can put in a ship special slot to increase your overall armor protection. To do this you need to click on the specials link in the bottom nav bar/footer. The easiest way to get to this is to do a virtual find for the word "special". This will jump you right to it.

Each ship has differing amounts of specials depending on how good the ship is, and what type it is. The starter ship only has two. They are named as special slot 1 and special slot 2. You can click on either of these to equip your Ablative Armour Rev 1. They are buttons, so pressing B from the top of the page will jump you right to them.

Like with your ship loadout screen clicking on an empty special slot will bring you to a page with a table which contains all the specials you can equip. The only requirement for a special is a specific level. For the Ablative Armour Rev 1 the level requirement is really low so you can use them. Click the equip button next to your armor buff and equip it on your ship. Return to the specials screen then from the top of the page hit V to jump to the first visited link and exit to the promenade.

Now if you check your armor you will see it is listed as being at 500 of 550, you need to repair to the full 550. Putting on an armor buff doesn't bring your ship up to the new max armor, you need to repair to do this yourself. Use the promenade's repair service to repair your ship, then exit back to the promenade and you are all ready to head to Far Point 2.

Part 8.4: Traveling to Far Point 2 and killing your four training drones

Undock from New Orion and dock at the jump gate. Jump to Far Point 1, then from there you can jump to Far Point 2. There is no need for the plotter here. Undock then jump by buttons to find combat range 4 and click the button for it to put yourself in orbit of the range.

Now like in the previous mission and guide you need to do a combat scan. Search "t space s" or just read up from the first button on the page. perform a scan then on the next page you can search the text "train" to find a training drone if it is in your scan results. if not hit control home then V twice to get to the rescan link and perform another scan. Keep doing this until you find a training drone to attack. Once you find one go through the same steps in the previous guide until you kill it and are on the loot screen.

After you are on the loot screen you can rescan and try to get some decent loot. You won't really know what is good or bad but it doesn't matter too much. After collecting what you want it would be a good idea to check your armor. To do this hit control home then G to jump by graphic until you get to your armor graphic, hit down arrow and read the value there. If it is over 200 then you don't actually have to repair. You can just hit control home then jump with V to goo through visited links. Find the link for a combat scan and kill another target and get to the loot window again. After looting what you want you will for sure have to repair now.

from the top of the page jump by visited link again until you get to repair options. If it isn't there then just do a virtual find for the word repair and you will be brought right to it. Click on it and you are brought to the repair screen.

Part 8.5: Repairing your ship while in orbit

On the repair screen you will find four combo/list boxes. You can jump between them by pressing "C". The first one is for repairing your shield, the second is for armor, third is for hull, and the fourth and last is for using kits/omega drones. You will want to use the second combo box to repair your armor. Hit enter on the box then down arrow to select the EBK kit that repairs 500 at a time. Press escape then down arrow or just hit tab and press the button to use the EBK kit. This will repair 500 armor points. Even if this only puts you at 500 of 550 it is okay and you can continue with combat. It is good to check your armor levels again after using the kit just to make sure it did indeed repair your ship. Not repairing will result in your ship blowing up and you losing the fight. Right now you won't lose anything, but in just a little bit you will lose fuel and all of your cargo along with XP and credits.

After repairing your ship you can jump by visited link from the top of the page to get to the link to perform another combat scan. Do this and keep repeating the above processes until you have four kills. If at any point you forget how many you have killed you can go to your mission tab by searching "miss", hit enter on it to expand it then go to NPC missions. This will bring you to your mission from Gunny. Jump to the first button on the page then read up and you will see how many kills you currently have.

Part 8.6: Returning to New Orion, repairing, selling to Joe, and completing your mission

After you get your four training drone kills it is time to head back to the Feris system. Dock at the jump gate, travel to Far Point 1 then Feris and undock. Travel to New Orion and dock at the planet. If you need to repair do so using the promenade's repair service again. It is best to do this first off so you don't forget later and rush into combat with a half powered ship. After that sell your cargo to Joe for a few credits. Then go talk to Gunny and get your mission rewards for completing the mission.

After completing the mission Gunny gives you another Ablative Armour Rev 1. Go equip this in your one remaining special slot and this will give you a max of 600 armor. After equipping it don't forget to go to the promenade's repair service again and heal up to the full 600/600 armor. After this you are all set to move on to the next mission in her chain, and the next guide.

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