Getting Started Guide Part 9

This guide will be covering the third mission in Gunny's chain. This will also involve killing 4 training drones but you will have to find out where on your own. I will put a spoiler in this guide telling you where, you can choose to read it or not.

Things covered in this guide:

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Part 9.1: Accepting Gunny's mission and traveling to Far Point 1

You should still be on the promenade of New Orion so go talk to Gunny and get your mission. Make sure to read this one and pay attention to the details. She will not tell you where to go to kill the training drones. She only tells you to go to one of the combat ranges and kill four drones, but you don't know what one. The only way to figure this out is to go to Far Point 1 first and find a drone to kill at combat range 1. After killing that drone go to your mission tab by searching "miss" then clicking on NPC missions. Jump to the first button on that page then read up. if it reads 1/4 killed then you are at the right place. if it still reads as 0/4 then you are at the wrong place and need to move on to combat range 2.

I do this in the audio guide and tell you what combat range to go to. If you would like to know where to go it will be below this line. If you won't want to know where to go and do it on your own skip the below line and continue on with the guide.

You will need to travel to combat range 3 and kill four training drones there.

Part 9.2: Traveling to the Far Point systems and killing your training drones

Follow the above steps to find the proper location you need to be at to kill your training drones. Don't forget to repair between your kills while looking. Once you find the proper place then you just need to kill four of them.

Follow the steps in part 7 to kill your training drones. I'm not going to lay out the steps in every guide as you should be getting better with the process now and shouldn't need a step by step on how to do combat at this point. Again if you need more information on all the combat pages including the repair page you can get all that info on the combat pages in the screen reader section.

Part 9.3: Traveling back to New Orion, repairing, selling loot to Joe, and completing your mission

Once you have your four kills and hopefully a full load of loot in your cargo hold you will want to travel back to New Orion. Dock at the jump gate and follow the same path back as you took to get there. Undock in Feris and then dock at New Orion. Once docked Repair your ship via the promenade repair service. Then sell your combat loot to Joe. After doing this you are all set to talk to Gunny and complete your mission.

In the next guide you will be fighting a stronger enemy and I will be walking you through buying a better gun first so you don't have an issue killing the bigger enemies for Gunny's last two missions.

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