The Four Tabs

These tabs will be on nearly every screen in the game. They are used to access many different parts of the game. If you are not familiar with their location you can refer back to the guide on the basic page layout.

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Opening and accessing the tabs

Self refreshing content on pages has always been a mixed experience. Sometimes it works fine, other times it is a complete and utter failure. If you are using Fire fox or Chrome you should have no problems, just hitting enter on the tab will open the content under it. Sometimes it may require a Jaws screen refresh of insert + escape depending on your specific screen reader settings. Either way this will work with both NVDA and Jaws.

I don't use Firefox or Chrome with the game however, and I have many reasons this is the case, but I won't go into them all here. Just suffice it to say, pages load much faster if you choose to use Internet Explorer with no add-ons. This is how I do things like combat and mining so fast, IE with no add-ons only refreshes the new content on the page, where as Firefox and chrome load the entire page every single time, this is not a big deal on small scale, but when doing combat and trying to load 5 or more pages in a second this makes a huge difference. Because of this I use IE, even though it is a bit tricky with Jaws and getting the tabs to open. Once you figure it out it is super simple however, so I'm going to walk everyone through how I do it with Jaws and Internet Explore with no add-ons.

Opening The Tabs In Internet Explore No Add-ons and Jaws

Opening note: I am using desktop layout on jaws 2018.

The first step is to put your Internet Explorer into compatibility view.

  1. go to the tools menu, alt + T.
  2. Arrow down to compatibility settings and hit enter on it.
  3. You will be on a box to add the current website to compatibility view. Hit down arrow once to select the website.
  4. Hit tab and then enter on the add button.
  5. Tab down and check the box to "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View".
  6. Now go down to the close button and it is saved.
  7. If you were logged into the game it may log you out at this point.

  8. Now if all worked properly and you are lucky you can go to a Tab and hit enter on it, it should expand the information under it with a bunch of links. Hitting enter on an expanded tab will collapse it. If it doesn't work try hitting insert + escape and double checking. If for some odd reason it still doesn't work don't worry, there is still a simple way to open up the tabs.

    1. hit insert + delete to rout virtual to PC.
    2. Honestly don't know if that is necessary but you only have to do it once, the first time.
    3. Now go to one of your tabs, the System Tab for example and perform a num pad right mouse click on it.
    4. To do a num pad right click: with the num pad off just press the * button While on the link for the tab you want to open.
    5. this will open up the tab.
    6. I've been doing this for ages, and it works like a charm.

    7. If you are using NVDA you don't have to do this, but don't get too excited, you still have to press lots of extra buttons for everything else. If you have the patience of a saint it won't bother you, but for me it is out of the picture as I started playing with Jaws and pressing more buttons for the same tasks is unacceptable for me.

      Now that the tabs are opening, let's cover them and what is inside each one. They do tend to get updated from time to time and more stuff is added, so you may see something is yours that isn't listed in this guide.

      The System Tab

      First I will list all of the items in the System Tab at the time of writing this. After I will go more into detail with what each one is and what it does.

      • Refresh Data.
      • CE Data Repository.
      • Galaxy Locator.
      • Buyers Market (GBM).
      • Galactic Emporium.
      • Resource Lookup.
      • Buy Sell Player Ads.
      • Galactic Research.
      • Galactic Exploration.
      • Edit Your Details.
      • Change Avatar.
      • Logout Of Game.

      Detailed Info On The System Tab Contents

      Now I'll break down each of these options with a little bit of explanation of what each of them is and what it will allow you to do.

      Refresh Data:

      This one is quite simple, this will bring you out of whatever screen you are on and back to the main page. If you are docked this will be the promenade. If you are in orbit it will bring you to the default solar system view page. Depending on where you are it can be helpful, but at times it is also just as easy to just click the link that is on the page to exit the screen.

      CE data Repository:

      The Core Exiles Data Repository is a data base that will list nearly all of the equipment in the game. It is broken down into sections of everything you can think of, weapons, specials, pods, cargo expanders, extractors, misc, engineering, settlement. There is a section for everything in game. Within each section there is a rather large table which lists all the items in that category, it is sortable as well. It will give you the item description for all the items, along with the skills, energy, level, and stats for each item. This is an invaluable resource when planning what your next upgrades are in game, and learning to use it properly is very important as you will use it as much at level 5 as you will at level 150.

      Galaxy Locator:

      This is a simple and somewhat useful part of the game. This simply allows you to select a location, either planet or settlement from the large drop down and view its information. It is of limited use however. I you want to look up the law level of a location quick it can be helpful, but that is about it. The descriptions can be interesting, but with player settlements they are not usually kept up to date so the information is of dubious use.

      Buyers Market (GBM):

      This is the place you go to put up contracts to be filled by other players in the core-exile's world. This is very heavily used, and is an excellent resource for both making credits and getting resources you might need for crafting projects or NPC missions. This link only allows you to view and put up a contract however, you cannot sell or deposit resources onto contracts here. More information is on the GBM page on the uses of the two different pages.

      Galactic Emporium:

      In core-exiles everyone has the ability to open up their own store or chain of stores. They can stock and run it however they want and charge whatever prices they want. This is the portal to view and search all of these stores at once. There is much more information on the page dedicated just to the emporium listing, and you can get all the information on how to use it with a screen reader there.

      Resource Lookup:

      This is from the top of the resource lookup page, and this sums it all up.

      This screen lists all 668 Resources & Commodities in the game...shows you some of the ways in which the resource can be acquired. Not all methods are listed only the primary ones...
      This can be a bit tricky with a screen reader with the hover option, but is still very usable. It will also tell you the Joes/TDK base price along with any current offerings on the emporiums and GBM.

      Buy Sell Player Ads:

      This is a in game forum for players to post topics for things they want to buy or sell. You will see everything from auctions to one off sales. I've only ever ran into one problem with posting a reply to a topic, but it is fixable and you can read about how to do son on the page dedicated to the buy sell ads.

      Galactic Research:

      This is a page where you can check up on the progress of the current galactic research. This is used for adding new things to the game. When a project is fully researched it is then analyzed by the scientists and added to the game. Players boost the research by finding ancient artifacts while exploring planets. This page simply tracks the progress of the project.

      Galactic Exploration:

      This page lists all of the planets that can currently be explored in the game. There are quite a bit of these, but this is where you can plan out what one you wish to explore. It will give you the chief explorer, danger rating, system location, and all the information you need to get started picking out a planet to explore.

      Edit Your Details:

      This is where you go to set your contact e-mail, ship name, change password and all that jazz. One thing to note, make sure you use an actual e-mail and not a fake one, it makes Coop's life much easier.

      Change Avatar:

      yep, pretty self explanatory, you can change your Avatar your here. What it is or why you need to change it, I have no clue but people seem to enjoy having such things in a game.

      Logout Of Game:

      This is also very self explanatory, this allows you to log out of the game, in turn you could just close the window you are playing in.

      The Account Tab

      First I will list all of the items in the Account Tab at the time of writing this. After I will go more into detail with what each one is and what it does.

      • Vote for CE.
      • Community Forums.
      • Friends List.
      • New Player Guides.
      • New Player Guide Part 1.
      • New Player Guide Part 2.
      • New Player Guide Part 3.
      • Recommend a Friend.
      • Competition Winners.
      • Core-Exiles FAQ.
      • MMO Serial Hand In.
      • Buddy Stash.
      • A.D.N Status.
      • A.I War Deployment.
      • RAID Status.
      • ?
      • CE Official Store.
      • Christmas R.T.S.
      • Guild Forums.
      • Guild E-mail.
      • Level 5 Rewards.
      • V.I.P. Store.

      Detailed Info On The Account Tab Contents

      Now I'll break down each of these options with a little bit of explanation of what each of them is and what it will allow you to do.

      Vote for CE:

      This is a page that will direct you to some voting websites to vote core-exiles as your favorite browser game. Allot of them are inaccessible with a reader, but you can just close the ones that are and your vote will still be counted. When you are finished voted you get a reward of 200 fuel and 100 festive points. The festive points is a huge boost to voting, and you want to make sure you do it every day.

      Community Forums:

      This brings you to a page which you can then click a link to launch the community forums in a new window. The forums are accessible, they are a pretty standard PHPBB install.

      Friends List:

      This is the place where you can add friends. When you add someone to your friends list it allows you to see when they were last online along with being able to send them a PM with a press of a button. You can add anyone, it does not have to go both ways to see when they were last online.

      New Player Guides, including parts 1 - 3:

      Though these are very visual with allot of pictures, you can still gather some good information from them, it is well worth giving them all a read through and getting to know as much as you can before fully getting started playing Core Exiles.

      Recommend a Friend:

      There is a system in place for when you recommend people to play core-exiles. If they put your captain name in the proper box when registering you will both get rewards at levels 20 and 35. This is where you claim your prize when they have reached the required level. If you want more information on the refer a friend program you can read about it here, opens in new window.

      Competition Winners:

      Every day you play you are entered into a daily draw for a 500 fuel ticket. All you have to do is play, this page simply lists the last few winners of the daily draw.

      Core-Exiles FAQ:

      This opens up in a new page as well, and is simply a frequently asked questions section of the game. You can find plenty of useful information in this section and it is well worth reading through to get yourself more familiar with the game and the terms.

      MMO Serial Hand In

      For one of the voting sites, specifically they do a rewards system with gold for voting. You can then turn in the gold for either a Core-Exiles Premium account or a 500 fuel ticket. They give you a serial number to claim the reward, and this is where you put in the serial number to get your reward.

      Buddy Stash

      There are items you can buy only in the core-exiles store called buddy's, they are for every profession in game. Essentially when you are doing something they find extra items and collect them for you automatically. All the items all your buddy's collect is stored here for you to view and move out when you wish. This is the page you view and move it on.

      A.D.N Status:

      There are a specific type of ship you can kill in the game called A.I. This screen shows you the levels of A.I in all the systems they are located in and who has killed the most in each system. You can use this to plan where is best to go fight them. The page opens in a new window like others on this list.

      A.I War Deployment:

      This also opens up in a new page. It is for when you get to genesis and join in the greater fight against the A.I. Beyond that I am not very informed on it, but it will be a long long time before you get to the point of needing this page, and by the time you get there you should know more than I currently do on the subject. For now you don't have to worry about this page.

      RAID Status:

      This is another external page that will show you all the current pirate raids in game along with any ones players have killed that need to be salvaged. Raids are massive targets players have to team up and attack together to kill. There is an assortment of rewards for killing them, all together it is a fun process. Salvaging also gives you some really good resources.

      Christmas R.T.S:

      This is where you can turn in Christmas Reward Tokens. They are given out as part of special core-exiles festive events and as a bonus reward for spending certain amounts in the core-exiles store. Each token is good for 1 box of any resource in game, the amount is based on the joes12 base price of the resource. You can get really good amounts of very hard to get stuff using your Christmas tokens.

      Guild Forums:

      This is a built in game forum for your guild. It is very simplistic with just topic and reply format. Most guilds have an external site with a normal forum that is not connected to core-exiles. This however has different uses depending on the guild. If you are not in a guild you will not have any guild forums to visit.

      Guild Email:

      If you are in a guild and have the proper guild permissions you can send out an E-mail to everyone in the guild at once. Just realize different guilds have different rules on how the guild mail is to be used so make sure you are following the proper protocol for your specific guild.

      Level 5 Rewards:

      Whenever you hit level 5 you can go here and claim a really nice reward. You will get a 1 month premium account along with a 5,000 unit fuel ticket. The only thing you need to collect this reward is be level 5 or higher.

      V.I.P. Store:

      This page is where you can buy stuff with your VIP points you get each month for being a patreon supporter of core-exiles. There are things you can only get from the VIP store and no where else in game, so this is a very nice reward for supporting the game each month. If you are interested you can target="_blank">read more about being a core-exiles patreon supporter here.

      The Mission Tab

      First I will list all of the items in the Mission Tab at the time of writing this. After I will go more into detail with what each one is and what it does.

      • NPC Missions.
      • Trade Missions.
      • Combat Missions.
      • FOM Missions.
      • Passengers Onboard.
      • View Standings.
      • View Awards.
      • Profession XP Boost.
      Detailed Info On The Mission Tab Contents

      Now I'll break down each of these options with a little bit of explanation of what each of them is and what it will allow you to do.

      View NPC, Trade, Combat, FOM etcetera:

      All of these simply allow you to view the missions you have for the category. NPC will show you the active NPC mission you currently have if there is one. Trade will show you all of your Ashar/Wesbec missions. FOM will show your active mining mission. Passengers shows you any passengers you have on board that need to be delivered.

      View Standings:

      This page will list all of your current faction standings. Every time you do something in game, combat, hauling, passengers, mining. It all gives your player XP that counts towards your level. On top of that you get a small bit of faction standing as well. Certain equipment and NPCs require a set amount of different faction standing. Also when you reach benchmarks you get a core-exiles store gift certificate. This is the page where you can view and track your faction XP levels.

      View Awards:

      This page tracks accomplishments you have reached in game. You have to click on the link to view the text version so you can read the page with a screen reader. After doing that you can view all of your current rewards. As far as I know there is no point to it, but still you can track your progress.

      Profession XP Boost:

      This is where you can view and activate your profession XP boosters. These boost your XP in a given hour at 10%, 20%, or 30% depending on if you use a level 1, 2, or 3 booster. All the information is listed on the page with what the XP is boosted for, just remember you only have 1 hour of boosted XP after you activate it.

      The Assets Tab

      First I will list all of the items in the Assets Tab at the time of writing this. After I will go more into detail with what each one is and what it does.

      • Your Schematics.
      • Your Blueprints.
      • View Pet Status.
      • View Certificates.
      • View Extractors.
      • View Harvesters.
      • View Factories.
      • View Refineries.
      • View Malls.
      • View Mechs.
      • View Drones.
      • View Staff.
      • View Commercial Stores.
      • Settlement Overview.
      • Buddy Review.
      • View Mining Barge.
      • View Ship Crew.
      • G.L.M System.

      • Detailed Info On The Assets Tab Contents

        Now I'll break down each of these options with a little bit of explanation of what each of them is and what it will allow you to do.

        Your Schematics and Your Blueprints:

        These two options allow you to view all of your schematics and blueprints. This is pretty much only useful for checking if you own a specific schematic or blueprint. For checking build requirements it is much better to use one of the external sites.

        View Pet Status:

        if you have a pet snarg which you get from completing a mission chain then this is where you go to take care of it, feed it, give it treats, and check the IP boost you have gotten so far for it.

        View Certificates:

        once you have reached level 40 and you have a superior head implant fitted you can start training certificates. This is the page where you can view all your currently purchased certificates and choose to train them.

        View Extractors:

        On this page you can view all your currently deployed extractors. It shows you where they are, how much they have extracted, and how many days are left on the slot they are occupying. If you have a special pod you can also recall them from this screen.

        View Harvesters:

        This page will show you any harvesters you currently have collecting dark matter in a nebula. It will show you their location along with their current stock of dark matter and fuel remaining in their tank. If you have a remote management upgrade you can also perform some management options on this page.

        View Factories:

        This page will show any deployed factories you currently have along with their location, how many of a resource they have produced, and the hours left on their occupied slot.

        View Refineries:

        This is the same as view factories, only it is for refineries instead of factories.

        View Malls:

        Honestly I've never used malls, but this screen allows you to view something involving them, if you get into it maybe at some point you can let me know and I'll fill it in here.

        View Mechs:

        This page shows you all your currently built mechs, their stats and allows you to drop them into the mech combat arena. You can also refuel them if they have a jump drive fitted. There may be more on mechs on BSG if it is required, but currently you just need to use the old text version of the mech combat view page once you deploy them.

        View Drones:

        If you have mining drones currently deployed in an asteroid field this is where you can check up on them and recall them if it is necessary. You can see how much ore they have collected and their current state of repair, when it gets to around 20% then you need to recall them. They will be automatically repaired and you will be charged a small fee. After that you can go to the asteroid and redeploy them.

        View Staff:

        This page shows you all the staff you currently have working for you at your settlements.

        View Commercial Stores:

        This simply shows you all of your commercial store contents across all the galaxies. This is the same screen you would get if you were docked and chose to view all after viewing the Commercial Storage on a promenade. It is a big table which shows you all of your resources, amounts, and where they are stored.

        Settlement Overview:

        If you have a settlement, you can see some basic information about it on this page. The last attack, the hp, credits in the bank and things like that. You can't do any tasks on this screen but it does allow you to check up on your settlement while not actually being docked at it specifically.

        Buddy Review:

        I currently don't have any buddys, but I'm assuming this page allows you to see what buddys you do have and allows you to check up on what they are doing for you.

        View Mining Barge:

        When you get to the point of owning a mining barge, this screen is where you do all the controlling of the barge. Sending it out on mining missions, upgrading it, everything relating to your barge, this is the screen you do it on.

        View Ship Crew:

        If you have a Player Made ship and have hired some staff to work for you, this is where you go to send them out on missions. You also train them through this page.

        G.L.M System:

        If you have bought a genesis plot, this screen is where you do all the management of the plot.