This is a listing of all the mini games for The Beach World. These are in no Particular Order.

The Underwater Cave:

Swim north till you reach the end. Simple remember to grab bubbles you don't want to run out of air.

The Eel's Haunt:

You are in a large area, Move around trying to grab the bonuses. Remember to grab bubbles and avoid the eels.

Hungry Penguins:

You start at the south side of a map on a beach with some penguins. Swim north using f to grab fish. Than swim back and give the fish to the penguins by pressing f on them. Remember you can only hold 5 fish at once.

Dangerous Beach:

Run east as far as you can avoidding the crabs on the sand and the eels in the water.

Diving for Pearls:

Run either east or west and dive down under water to get pearls. Remember to grab the bubbles.

The Jellyfish Bay:

Run east as far as you can. You will have to dive underwater at times so do your best to avoid the jellyfish.

The Coconut's Beach:

Run as far east as you can timing your runs under the trees so that you don't get hit by falling coconuts.

The Frisbee's Beach:

You are standing on a beach. move east and west to grab the incoming frisbee's. Just center them as they fly towards you.

Buoy's Beach:

Swim north and find the buoys laid about. Hint you can usually find each buoy not to far north of the last. Move north till you can't hear the previous buoy and than go left and right to try and find the next one.

A Race Through the Beach:

Follow the sand path turning where it indicates to turn.

The Stingray's Pit:

Swim as far north as you can. Grab bubbles you will need air and use f to hit the sting rays with your electric weapon.

Labyrinthine Reef:

Follow the fish as far north as you can. Remember to grab bubbles you need air.

the Crab's Island:

It is a pretty open area. Just run around and grab bonuses avoidding getting bitten by the crabs.