This is a listing of all the mini games for The Desert World. These are in no Particular Order.

A Path Across the Cactuses:

Like the races you need to follow the tones that tell you when to turn. don't take one wrong step though or you will die and have to start over from the beginning.

Snake Charmer:

Find the snake then guide it to the cement in the middle of the map. keep it in the center and you get points. get too close and you will die and the game will be over.

Pasturing the Camel:

find grass then whistle the cammel to follow you and it will eat the grass.

Salt Unloading:

run to the cammel and take some sault from it. run the sault back to where you started and drop it off. The more you take the slower you walk.

Cut Down the Cactuses!:

Walk to the right. When next to a Cactus press F until it is cut down. Keep doing this until you are at the end. Get too close to one and you die and have to start from the beginning.

The Falcon's Snapshot:

Falcons fly from the right and from the left. when one is perfectly centered press F to take a picture. you get 2 points for a perfect picture and 1 for a bad one, 0 points if you miss it completely.

Desert Express:

You are driving a train and have to stop for red lights and drive through the green ones. If you pass a red light the game is over and you score negative 20. Your best bet is to stay patient and move at a slow steady pace. F to speed up and R to slow down.

Crush the Moles!:

On a small map just run and step on the Moles to crush them.

A Drawing on the Sand:

You are giving a drawing made of dots. memorize it then hit F to clear it. then use F to reproduce the dots in the same places.

Mirages for Bonuses:

Fake coins are everywhere. collect as many real ones as you can running north.

Drip Drop:

water drops on your left and on your right. try to count the drops from each one. at the end of each round press 1 or 2 to choose if the one on the left or right dropped more watter.

Thirsty Mountain:

Played as a side scroller walk to your right while climbing up and down. the longer you go without water the slower you move. jump over the snakes and look for water pools you can drink from to speed back up. hit F in water to drink and refresh yourself.

The Pyramid's Doors:

Find the buttons in each section which is broken up into multiple rooms. each button opens up a door. continue doing this and progress to the North.

The Haunted Pyramid:

Walk to the north finding the passage ways through the walls. press F to kill the ghosts with your sword.

The haunted ruins:

Played as a side scroller you have to make your way to the right climbing up and down. rocks fall on you, ghosts pop up, and doors open and close. dying in anyway makes you start over from the beginning.

Crystal rain:

Just survive as long as possible without getting crushed by a falling crystal. each crystal on impact with the ground leaves a coin. pick up as many as possible without dying. if you die the game is over.

Hidden palace:

One of the most difficult games in the entire game. jump crossbows, jump ground spikes, avoid cannons and flying bats. sometimes you climb sometimes you go underwater. make your way to the right to get points. die and you start from the beginning.

Numbered slabs:

A slider game like rush hour or trafic jam. Slide the numbers to get them in the same patternn as your number row. get it perfect and you win 20 points.

Pollination of date palms:

Played from above. Go to a male date palm which makes a deeper noise. get it's pollen and take that pollen to all the female date palms and press F on them to pollenate them. when you run out of pollen get more and continue.