This is a listing of all the mini games for The ice World. These are in no Particular Order.

The Cold River:

Make your way north to get points. You walk slow in the water so find a quicker way to progress.

Bonuses on the Ice!:

Try to line up bonus items then slide on the ice to grab them.

A Peaceful Descent:

Skiing down a hill and moving forward on your own just avoid the rocks.

Slalom's Descent:

Played from above you move forward on your own. Go to the right of some doors and left of others without running into them. Also avoid the rocks. If you die the game is over.

The Snowball's Road:

Walk to the right but don't get crushed by snowballs. Hit F to break them up as they get to you.

Cut Down the Fir Trees!:

Played from above run around and find Trees. When you find one hit F on it then use left and right arrows to move your saw back and forth until it is cut down.

Transport the Penguin:

Grab the baby penguin and take it north. It will escape, keep grabbing it and taking it north.

Glacial Lake:

Find your way around the lake counter clockwise. hit all the correct Buoys as you run around it.

The Stalactite's Cave:

Played as a side scroller run right while avoiding the Stalactites that will fall on you. Also jump over the pits. if you die you start over.

The Frozen Mansion:

Played from above run north on the slippery floor. use F to kill the ghosts. Make it as far north as possible.

Sliding Between the Buoys:

Run right and left pressing F on the Buoys on each side. do this as many times as possible. try to avoide the water.

The Snowflower's Path:

Played from above walk northw ithout stepping on any of the flowers. Each one you step on takes away a point.

Polar Bears Hunting:

Make your way right either underwater or on the ice. There are polar bears trying to eat you, just avoid them all.

Treasure Under the Ice:

Find the holes in the ice and dive down to get the coins. Die once and the game is over.

Chased on the Ice!:

Played from above you are being chased by a polar bear. Runn north avoiding the crabs. Grab fish in the water parts to boost your speed.

Boreal Forest:

Played as a side scroller make your way to the right. choose to climb trees to avoid the moose or go underground and avoid ants.

Making a Giant Snowball:

Just smash your keys in a clockwise pattern to roll the snowball.

Jumping Penguins:

This game is played as a side scroller. There are pits which are to big to jump over. jump and land on a bouncing mushroom on top of the pit and use them to get to the right.

The Polar Beach:

Played as a side scroller walk to the right annd don't get hit by the trees.

Imprisoned Penguins:

Penguins are stuck in ice, find the right parts to break then hit F to break the ice and let them out.