This is a listing of all the mini games for The Darkness World. These are in no Particular Order.

The Mortal Swamp:

Run north avoiding the quick sand pits that will kill you. If you die you start from the beginning.


Survive as long as possible without getting hit on the head by a bomb.

The Cursed Doors:

Make your way north trying different doors. In each section only one door will open, the others will kill you. Keep trying the doors and trying to get to the end all the way north.

The Haunted Forest:

Played as a side scroller jump over snakes and avoid running into the ghosts that pop up. dying will start you over from the beginning.


A maze like map with random bonuses. try to get as many as possible without getting lost.

The Stopwatch Corridor:

Played as a side scroller. Hit buttons to open doors for a few seconds thenn rush to get through each door while jumpping pits and fireballs on the ground.

The Maddening House:

You have to get permits from numberd windows. find the right window each time.

The Cursed Place:

Played from above, follow the steps and they will lead you to the end.

The Haunted Cemetery:

Kill as many ghosts as possible without stepping on the graves.

The Zombie's Mansion:

Make your way to the right while killing the zombies without getting eaten yourself.

The Troll's Enclosure:

Run north avoiding getting killed by any trolls.

The Troll Snapshot:

get as close as possible to a troll and take a picture. Get too close and you die and the game is over.

Zombie's Carnage:

Played from above this game is broken up into different rooms. in each room there are zombies. kill all the zombies in a room and the door will open. continue doing this until you are at the end.