This is a listing of all the mini games for The Heights World. These are in no Particular Order.

Space Invasion:

Space ships are coming toward you. move left and right to center them and than shoot them.

Spatial Vortex:

Lots of bonuses are infront of you and you are flying toward them so move left and right to grab them as you pass.

Parachute Descent:

You are falling and bonuses are floating in the air so move left and right to grab them as you pass.

The Rainbow:

You will hear storm clouds moving around, when you are close enough you will hear a strange sound that will get higher in pitch. So follow each cloud until you hear the sound of the rainbo.

The Peaceful Mountain:

Run left or right and climb when you can. Watch out for wasps and wind though.

The Windy Peak:

Just run right using the places to climb down to avoid the wind.

The Stormy Summit:

Run right jumping over the pits. You also have to avoid the lightning but if you don't stand still you shouldn't have a problem with that.

The Fireclouds:

Run right jumping over the pits and avoiding the fire balls as they come towards you.

The Strange Cylinder:

You have to run right and time you jumps so you are not standing on the cylinder when it spins.

The Flying Boat:

Run right jumping over the pits, avoid the cannon balls, climb the ladders and get past the electricity.

The Mountain of Crevasses:

You have to find the gaps to jump over the pits. Make sure you pick the gap with the bouncing sound though.

The Mountainous Gorge:

This game is a pain. You have to run all the way right but the camera focus is always moving. don't let yourself get to far behind cause you will get sent back t to the start. but get to far ahead and you could get stung by a wasp that you didn't even see.

The Imprisoned Fish:

Run right smashing the rocks to clear the path for the fish.