This is a listing of all the mini games for The plains World. These are in no Particular Order.

Bonuses in the clouds:

The camera moves without you. Try to keep up climbing up and down the latters and hitting F to smash open your bonuses.

The frisbees of peace:

Walk left and right on the shore and destroy the boats in the water. Don't run out of frisbees.

Powder recipe:

You are givenn the proper colors to find. there are four colors one in each corner. collect the proper ones then bring them all to the middle of the map.

Clandestine arena:

two bots will fight one another in a battle. pick the winner at the beginning and you win.

The clocks of the village:

Played from above, you are given a time, find all the clocks and fix their time using F and R. Avoid the people on bikes, if you get hit the game is over.

Bicycle path:

use up and down arrow to adjust your speed and left and right arrow to change lanes. move forward and avoid running into others riding their bikes.

Beneficial cloud:

stay under the cloud and water your plant.

Bridge construction:

Climb down grab planks. Climb back up and lay the planks on the bridges to the right. Grab as many as you want but the more you get the slower you walk.

Turn the die:

This has nothing to do with a die or dice. Find the number you need then move it around in a circle by walking in a circle/square. Move it to the bottom left corner and you get points.

Horse jumping:

played as a side scroller run to the right jumpping over hurtles. F speeds up your horse and R slows it down.

The rainbow road:

remember Roy G Biv and stay on the color that has a speed boost to finish before the clock is at 0.

Storm on the rainbow:

Don't forget Roy G Biv. one color is safe and it changes. stay on the safe color and the lightning can't kill you.

The rainbow tower:

Use the teleporters to go to different themed mini maps. Each mini map has a rainbow color you need to collect. Die once and the game is over.

Colored flowers:

The camera angle moves right then back left. remember the sounds for each flower then when the game starts set all the flowers to their proper color.

Dew for butterflies:

Whistle the butterflys to you while standing next to a dew drop. The butterflys will drink the dew. Don't step on a dew drop or it vanishes.

Cannonball throwing:

The camera scrolls from left to right. Between each sound is roughly 10 power. Estimate your power needed. Then when the game starts hold down F until it is at the correct power, let go to throw your cannon ball. Don't throw it in the pit.

The bulls enclosure:

Run north avoiding the bulls and make it all the way north.

Commando of cats:

Whistle the cats to follow you to the rats. Guide them to kill as many as possible.

Bonuses and bulls:

Run around avoiding the bulls and collecting bonus coins. If you die once the game is over.