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This is a listing of all the mini games for The Underground World. These are in no Particular Order.

Descent Into the Mine:

You will hear a sound either left or right and you must hit the correct arrow key. Don't be to slow about it though.

The Cannonball's Slope:

Run forward and avoid the cannon balls rolling towards you by moving left or right.

The Chasm's Cave:

Run to the right jumping over the pits and avoidding the bats while you are in mid air.

The Bonus Deposit:

Run right using the f or enter key to smash through the things blocking your way.

The Queen's Treasures:

Here you have a gravel path that runs north. every so far you will hear little stone path running from left to right. the bonuses can be found in these paths that run from left to right. So you must find the stone paths and head down them to get bonuses. The trick is to time it though because ants are running back and forth on the stone paths.

Run! Jump! Jump!:

You are moving forward faster anbd faster. all you have to do is time your jumps as you get close to pits.

The Bat's Chasm:

You just climb up the ladder avoidding the bats that are flying left to right.

Buttoned Doors:

This is an area you have to get to the far right of. the area is broken up in to section and you have to find the button that opens the door to the next section. so run along the paths left to to right and climb up or down if you can't find the button.

The Locked Bonuses:

Paths run from left to right and a door sits at each end. these paths are connected by paths that run from top to bottom. to open the doors you must find the buttons around the paths and get the bonuses behind each door.

The Diamond Mine:

You must run up the gravel paths that head up and get the good diamonds. once you have a few you can run back to the south and drop them at the table you will find in the concrete path that runs left to right at the bottom of the map.

Searching for Pheromones:

you must run through this maze type area trying to find the finish point. press d to see how far away it is. Also watch out for the ants that will try to bight you.

Railroad Management:

You will have a track with x amount of sections and x amount of tracks. in each section parts will go from track to track. read them and work out the way to let the train finish on the correct track.

The Wells and the Galleries:

Run left and right until you find a part that you can dig down with using f or enter. dig and go down until you can't any more than go left or right until you can again.

Sort The Diamonds:

you hear a tone that is a good diamond. it then plays a bunch of tones and you need to keep the ones with the good tone by pressing F, and reject the ones without by pressing R.

Axe Throwing:

this game makes practically 0 sense. press arrows in a clockwise pattern, but not too fast or too slow or too clockwise and press f when you want to throw an axe for a random distance. You get points depending on the distance, but it is timed so don't take too long.

Prehistoric cave:

this is a great and challenging game. different monsters you can either sneak past, jump over, or use ladders to escape from. make your way all east to get the highest score, but don't sneak, jump or climb for the wrong monsters or you may find yourself dead.

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