This is a listing of all the mini games for The Volcano World. These are in no Particular Order.

Volcanic Zone:

Played as a side scroller you need to run to the right and jump over the lava pits. However they erupt and will kill you if jumpping durring an eruption.


Spam up and down arrow fast until the time is up.

Unstable Platforms:

Try to move around staying alive. the ground you are standing onn will slowly disappear. don't be on a tile that falls into the lava or you will die and the game will be over.

Perilous Corridor:

Played as a side scroller you need to jump only the fireballs on the ground and jump over the lava pits while going right.

Across the Lava:

Islands are connected by metal bridges. Cross the bridges making your way generally north. Don't step in the lava though or you will start over from the beginning.

A Race Through the Volcano:

You are raceing a turtle but if you step off the path you will lannd in lava and die. dying starts you over from the beginning.

Building a Path:

You need to get cement and move north building a path across lava as you go. just don't get eaten by a dragon.

The Dragon's Scales:

Move generally north and try to collect dragon scales. Avoid getting eaten or falling in lava. Bring the scales back and deposit them for points. If you die the game is over.

The Metallic Welding:

You are given the perfect welding time. Then you weld 10 plates trying to get them as close to the perfect time as possible.

The Bomb's Lair:

Run north while avoiding getting blown up by the walking bombs. If you get too close their fuze goes off and they chase you for a few seconds before blowing up.

Destroying Walking Bombs!:

Try to survive. this is played from above. You need to get as many bombs to blow up as possible. if you die the game is over and you lose all your points.