The Circus Profile

The circus  a world of fun and laughter. But careful. or this place might just send you mad!


Number of mini games:  13
Paths:  1
Endings:  3
Bonus Mini games:  0


This game has really only got 1 path. But it splits in 2 places, the second of which can change the ending so I will talk about both below.

This first split can be found after the game speedy reaction.  You can either head north and play rolling balls and guess the number. Heading south will allow you to play the sticks game and hammer the nail. These reconnect at the game the book mark.

Split 2:
This second split happens after the game working waiter. You can either head north and play the bouncing ground and get the first ending. You can also head south  and play extinguish the wick and get  the second ending. If you get 20 points on working waitor then a path to the east will open up, this east path leads to the Space world.


ending 1:
Playing the bouncing ground unlocks the first ending which will unlock the heights world.
Ending 2:
Found after extinguish the wick and it unlocks the volcano world.
Ending 3:
20 points on Working Waiter unlocks a path that leads to the game Small bridge for duck, after this the path leads to the Space world.

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Games of The Circus

Speedy Reaction:

First you will hear a sound played. Than a sequence of sounds will play. When you hear the sound you are looking for in the sequence hit f as fast as possible.

Working Waiter:

Listen for the table ringing the bell. Run to that table and hit f. Than run all the way north and hit f to collect the order. Run back to the table still ringing the bell and drop the order. Repeat until you finish or the time runs out.

Hammer the Nail:

You will take it in turns to hit a nail using f. The longer you hold f the harder you will hit the nail. You aim to be the one who hits the nail last.

Batting Time!:

You will hear the sound of a ball being launched at you. Wait a moment and than hit f to swing your bat and hit the ball. Don't wait to long and don't jump to quick or you will miss.

The Sticks Game:

The aim of this game is to make your aponent take the last stick. You can take 1, 2 or 3 sticks at a time.


You are in a field of mines. Use f to dig up a square. This will tell you if any squares around it have mines. Remember you will never find a mine in the 4 corner squares. So start there and try and find places that have no mines in adjasent squares.

Guess the Number!:

You have to try and guess a 4 digit number. It will tell you lower or higher after each guess. Hint start at 5555 and work up or down depending on if it is higher or lower.

The Bookmark:

You have a book in front of you. It is open on page 1 and the game will give you a page you have to get to. So count the pages as they turn and hit f when you reach the right page.

Rolling Balls:

This game involves you taking balls. They will either add or minus points off your score. The aim is to have a higher score than the person you are versing. So try and take pluses and give them minuses.

Balloon Popping:

Listen for good balloons and pop them using f as you run to the east.

Extinguish the Wick:

This will give you a time in seconds. You will than hear a wick burning. you have to get as close to that time with out letting it explode as you can. So when it gets close hit f to cut the wick.

The Bouncing Ground:

Run as far east as you can jumping over the pits as you do. Remember after you jump over the first pit you are on the ground that bounces meanning you are always jumping. So just time your running with the pits.

Small bridge for duck::

Played on a small map this is a side scroller. You are protecting another special duck. stay in front of him and use F to cover the holes. collect your board after going over the hole. The duck will turn around and run in the hole you just passed. Don't get to far away from him.

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