The Intellectual Profile

This world is pretty straight forward. A single path, pairs of games. But this world is all about puzzles and math.


Mini games:  12
paths:  1
endings:  1
Bonus mini games:  0


This path is shaped like a chain. Each link of the chain has 2 mini games with 1 on either side of the link. You only have to play 1 of the 2 games to be able to move on to the next link of the chain.


The only ending unlocks the world the darkness.

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Games of The Intellectual

Multiplications in Rhythm:

It is time for math. Answer the multiplication questions. 3 wrong and you are out.

Additions in Rhythm:

I hope you are good at addition. 3 wrong answers and you are out.

Subtractions in Rhythm:

Have you worked out what this might be? It is time for subtraction 3 wrong and you are out.

Divisions in Rhythm:

Divide divide divide divide. yeah that is pretty much what you do. 3 wrong answers and you are out.


Yes the classic game of simon. Use the arrows keys to recreate the pattern each time.

Arrange the Sounds:

You will hear 10 sounds from 0 to 9. You thaan have to put them in that order again.

Numbers Quiz:

You wil get 10 questions all of the answer to which are numbers, good luck.

True or False:

Simple true or false questions you use 1 for true and 0 for false.

Coloured Buttons:

You have aline of buttons going along your number row. They can be either red or blue and shift plus the number will change it. The idea is to make them all either red or blue.


You have 4 colomns of colours. You have to select 1 colour in each colomn until you have worked out which colour is meant to be in each one. But becareful you only have 10 guesses.


Simple card matching game. you get to pick 2 cards than a bot gets to pick 2. So try and remember where the good cards are. For references the best cards are: Unicorn, feather, dragon and beak.

Square Roots in Rhythm:

More math this time Square roots. so learn your square roots up to 50 and you will be fine.

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