The Castle Profile

This is the second world you will unlock in crazy party. Considering how straight forward the valley is this world in comparison is much more conviluted.


Mini games:  13
Paths:  3
Endings:  3
Bonus mini games:  0


There are 3 paths each with there own endings.

Path 1:
After the first game you will go north  and you will hit a wall.
You can go either west or east. If you go east you will find the game The Princess's Garden and it's raining flowers.
After It's Raining flowers if you go south you will play The Butterfly Tree and the first ending.

Path 2:
If you go north after It's Raining Flowers you will play Crossbow Shot. This meets up with the same path listed below as Path 4 and will lead to the City.

After going north and hitting the wall if you head left  to the castles windows you will head down a new path.
If you keep following this path you will play a total of 6 mini games, keep heading north after Killing Mosquitoes and follow this path for the second ending.

Path 4:
This path is unlocked by first going left at the early fork in the road.
after that you must reach killing mosquitoes and  on this game get 20 points. If you manage this you will unlock a new path.
If you take the East path from here you will reach the third ending.
This path has a total of 8 mini games.

Bonus mini games:

While no specific bonus mini games are here getting 20 points on killing mosquitoes will unlock the city path. So this could be called a bonus. you will also play a game called the castles bonuses so that also is a point in the favour for this to be called a bonus.


The first ending unlocks the Forest.
The second Ending unlocks the Beach.
The third ending unlocks the City.

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Games of The Castle

Weeding the Woods:

Reasonably simple game this one. Run from left to right. Hit f or enter on thorny plants and avoid the flowers.

The Princess's Garden:

Run to the water and hit f or enter to fill your watering can. Then find the plants or pots with the right sound and hit f or enter again to water them. Don't forget to keep filling the watering can though.

The Princess's Kittens:

An open area usually with just 1 line of kittens. Run along and when the are meowing go to them and hit f or enter to pet them.

Store the Dishes:

Another side scrolling game. Run along and find the dish washer. hit f to take a dish and then once you have find the right cupboard press f or enter again to put it down. E to check which cupboard you are at.

Killing Mosquitoes:

This map is a square that is a path that runs around the out side. and some times has a path in the shape of a cross going through the middle. Run around this path and hit f or enter to use your fly swat on the mosquitoes.

It's Raining Flowers:

Run from left to right grabbing the flowers as they hit the ground. Remember they don't last long on the ground so grab them quick.

The Princess's Aquarium:

Run from left to right. Once your on water dive down and use the arrow keys to guide your self to the bad snails and hit f or enter to pick them off. Don't forget to come up for air. Press v to check your health under water.

The Butterfly's Tree:

Climb the tree using the up arrow or I. As you climb use f or enter to catch the butterflies. at the branches of the tree you can also run left and right in case you need to grab the annoying butterflies that you just missed.

The Castle's Windows:

Fill your bucket with the water found at the bottom left and right of the map. then running left to right or vice verser run to each window and hit f or enter several times to clean them. once a level is complete use the ladders at either the left of right to reach the next level of windows. hit d to check how much water is left in your bucket.

The Castle's Wall:

Run from left to right. use the ladders to climb up on top of the wall. avoid the soldiers swinging swords but climbing up on top of the wall, and remember to jump the cannon balls that are on top of the wall.

The Castle's Bonuses:

This is a path that runs north and south. on both the west and east walls are lots of doors that open and close. Time you run so you run through the open downs and grab the bonuses in the little rooms. Be careful you can get crushed by the doors.

Butterfly Powder:

This is a large open area. Use the arrows to run around and hit f to grab a butterfly. once you are holding 1 hit up and down rapidly to harvist the powder.

The Princess's Gifts:

You don't have to move in this game, just press your arrows clockwise to unwrap all the gifts. up, right, down, left.

Crossbow Shot

You start similar to the cannon ball throwing game only it will start in the far north of the map and move back to the south where your character is located. You then have to guess about how many steps away the target is. At the gunshot to start you move to where the target was and shoot it.

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