The Heights Profile

This is an interesting world with plenty of different types of games. With 2 endings and a confusing mess of the paths. I will do my best to describe them below.
Also a little Hint. this world has quite a few safety deposit boxes to keep an eye out for while going through.


Mini games:  13
Paths:  3
Endings:  2
Bonus mini games:  0


This world has 3 paths that get a little bit complicated and join up so keep track.

Path 1:
When you Complete the mini game the windy peak you can choose to go either north or south.
if you go north you will step off the gravel and on to the metal path.
You can play through the northern path starting with  space invaders, This path ends with the flying boat.
Before you reach the flying boat,  you can choose to go south on a gravel path to the game Parachute descent.
This game will take you to the other ending.

Path 2:
If you go South instead of North after the windy peak this will take you to the game "fire clouds".
This will take you through several other games before you reach the second ending.

Path 3: At the mini game "fire clouds" if you get 20 points you unlock a third path that goes south. if you take this path the next game will be the mountainous gorge. If you then follow this path around at some point you will be able to pick between going to either the flying boat mini game or to the parachute descent mini game. Each one of these games leads to a different ending. hint: on this path you will go through a teleporter in to a little section. this looks like an empty section but there are 2 safety deposit boxes in this section.


2 endings exist in this world.
If you play the flying boat ending you can unlock the ice world.
If you play parachute descent and the strange cylinder you can unlock the intellectual world.

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Games of The Heights

Space Invasion:

Space ships are coming toward you. move left and right to center them and than shoot them.

Spatial Vortex:

Lots of bonuses are infront of you and you are flying toward them so move left and right to grab them as you pass.

Parachute Descent:

You are falling and bonuses are floating in the air so move left and right to grab them as you pass.

The Rainbow:

You will hear storm clouds moving around, when you are close enough you will hear a strange sound that will get higher in pitch. So follow each cloud until you hear the sound of the rainbo.

The Peaceful Mountain:

Run left or right and climb when you can. Watch out for wasps and wind though.

The Windy Peak:

Just run right using the places to climb down to avoid the wind.

The Stormy Summit:

Run right jumping over the pits. You also have to avoid the lightning but if you don't stand still you shouldn't have a problem with that.

The Fireclouds:

Run right jumping over the pits and avoiding the fire balls as they come towards you.

The Strange Cylinder:

You have to run right and time you jumps so you are not standing on the cylinder when it spins.

The Flying Boat:

Run right jumping over the pits, avoid the cannon balls, climb the ladders and get past the electricity.

The Mountain of Crevasses:

You have to find the gaps to jump over the pits. Make sure you pick the gap with the bouncing sound though.

The Mountainous Gorge:

This game is a pain. You have to run all the way right but the camera focus is always moving. don't let yourself get to far behind cause you will get sent back t to the start. but get to far ahead and you could get stung by a wasp that you didn't even see.

The Imprisoned Fish:

Run right smashing the rocks to clear the path for the fish.

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