The Light Profile

This is a fairly large world with multiple paths that form a loop. They all take you to the same place


Number of mini games: 26
Paths:  2
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  1

The two paths form a big loop with a split both north and south, but all bring you to the same place in the end.

Path 0:
This world starts out with the same three games before the path splits. You will play burn the leaves, reproduce the passage, and the green flash, then the path splits north and south into the loop.

South after green flash brings you to the immobility flash, trapped buttons, then shadows codex.
After this you can go south to play the dark dungeon or north to play eluminate the shadows. Both choices link up with the main path through the games solar time and crazy fireworks.

Path 2:
If you go north after the green flash it will lead to Symmetrical lights (there is  a box  west of this game), Elevator operator, Security checkpoint, and then another split.
Here you can go north to play load the capacitors or south to play optical welding. Don't go south it is the stupidest game in the history of CP, and calling it a game is even stupid.
North will take you to Mirrors for solar cells, the highest mountain, and Acrobatic base jump before linking up with the ending path's games of solar time and crazy fireworks.

bonuses mini games:

There is just one bonus minigame...and it is certainly somewhere. Hannibal says there is a box west of Symmetrical yay for that.


This world just has one ending, and there are plenty of different options to skip past the annoying games. No matter how you get there you'll end at The Volcano.

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Games of The Light

The green flash:

When the game starts you will hear a sound that represents the color green. You will then hear a sequence of sounds. When you hear the sound like the original sound you hit f or enter. The closer you are to the original the more points you get.

Solar time:

You have to mark time on a line. The line starts at the far right at 6 A.M and runs to 6 p.m on the left. You then hear sounds and you have to move left or right with the arrow keys to try and match time. F or enter to select where you think the sound was.

Sort the diamonds:

You will hear a sound that represents a good time. You will then be given sequences of sounds. If you think the original toned appeared 5 or more times you hit F or enter. If you think it appears 4 or less times you hit r or backspace.

Give the change:

You have 3 sliders. gold on the left, silver in the middle and copper on the right. You are told the value of the silver to gold and copper to silver before the game starts. You are then given problems to solve. You use the left and right arrows to change between the sliders and up and down arrow to adjust the value to give the correct change.

Crazy fireworks:

You have 5 fireworks 1 to 5 on the number row. Hitting the numbers will tell you the time on the fuse and shift and the number will light the firework. The aim is to launch the fireworks so they go off in order 1 to 5.

Axe throwing:

You hit the arrow keys in a clock wise direction to wind up the axe throw. then f to release or throw the axe. You have to make sure you are spinning the arrows fast enough to get the most points.

The shadows' codex:

You will hear a sound which you can replay by hitting d. You then go through a list of sound sequences using the up and down arrow keys. You hit f on a sequence when you think it contains the original sound.

the optical welding:

You can hear a tone in your left ear. you also have a tone going up and down in pitch in your right ear. the aim is to hit f or enter when the sounds are at the same pitch. You can use the up and down arrow keys to move the pitch in your right ear higher or lower. You don't need to play this, so just don't!

The prehistoric cave:

Fairly straight forward. Run to the right using the arrow keys. Up and down arrow to go up or down where needed and space to jump obstacles. If you come to the paintings walk slowly, This will stop the creatures coming out.

Burn the fallen leaves!:

You have to burn the leaves by pressing f or enter on a tile next to the leaves. If you stand on the leaves when you do this you will die. A train track also runs up the middle of the map so avoid standing on it to long or you will get hit with a train.

Reproduce the paysage:

You will hear a group of sounds arranged on a grid. You will then have to place the sounds on an empty grid. The group has 5 sounds and you use the arrow keys to move around the grid and f to place a sound.

Elevator operator:

You have to take people to different floors of a building. F to open and close the doors, up and down arrow keys to move up and down, e will tell you what floor you are closest to and d will tell you the information about what floors people want to go to or get collected from.

Security checkpoint You have to make your way north through several check points. Just use the arrow keys to move and when you get close enough to a check point the check point will open. Remember to stop at the point until it opens.

Load the capacitors!:

Collect the positive and negative charges by moving along the paths that separate the different rooms. d will tell you how many of each you have. When you reach a capacitor hit f and r to load 1 of each of the charges. don't load more then 1 of each one or it will explode.

The immobility flash:

You will be told a time at the start of the game. this is how often the flash will go off. You must run north but make sure you are not moving when the flash goes off. You have to stop at least 1 second before the flash goes off.

The trap buttons:

You have to open a set of doors running south to north. for each door there is 2 buttons one right and 1 left. You will hear the sequence for the buttons starting and the north side and working its way south. Which means the sequence of buttons is in the reverse order that you have to hit them.

Mirrors for solar cells:

Five solar cells are scattered around a room. A light beam is running north to south in the middle of the map. You must place mirrors in the path of the light to make it pass over the cells. F to place a mirror, f will also turn the mirrors once placed. when you first place a mirror it is facing north. when you press f it turns it 90 degrees each time.

The sandy dungeon:

You must collect crystals that are randomly around the map. The map is a grid of rooms and the audio focus will remain in the middle of which ever room you are in. Rooms may have obstacles you have to avoid. Arrow keys to move.

Bonuses and dimensional holes:

You have to collect the bonuses scattered around the map. arrow keys to move. You have to avoid the black holes around as well. These will beep faster the closer you get to them.

Follow the light!:

You are in a maze. your objective is to reach the north. Light beams will lead you through the maze.

The highest mountain:

You have to run right climbing up and down as needed. There are also pits to jump and light beams you must avoid. you also have to collect air tanks or you will run out of air.

Symmetrical lights:

You are on a road that runs up the middle of the map. There are 5 lights on the left side of the road. You have to place 5 more lights at the exact same locations but on the right side. arrows to move and f or enter to place lights.

Shadows' cohabitation:

You have to run north killing the shadows that are moving around the map. Use the light sword on dark shadows and the dark sword on light shadows. Arrows to move, f or enter to use the sword and r or back space to switch between swords.

The dark dungeon:

You have to collect crystals from around this dungeon. most of the crystals will be in rooms but some may just be out in the open. You also must avoid the shadows moving around this map. You can freeze the shadows for a short time which can allow you to get away from them fo a time. F to freezde the shadows and arrows to move.

Acrobatic base jump:

You must press the arrow keys in 5 sequences. d to repeat the sequences.

Illuminate the shadows!:

A number of shadows are moving around the map. they will follow you. your job is to move them in to the path of the light beams. when you do they will be come light shadows and you have to avoid these because they can kill you.

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