The Valley Profile

The Valley is the first and most straight forward world. With just a single path and very few mini games it acts as a  perfect starting point to Crazy Party mini games.


Number of mini games:  7
Paths:  1
Endings:  1
Bonus Mini games:  1


This world has just 1 path. From start to finish it is just 6 games long with a single off shoot to a bonus mini game.
For completing this path you will unlock the Castle world.

Bonus Mini games

Accompany the duck as an off shoot if you get 20 points on quiet sailing.


This world has just 1 ending that unlocks the Castle.

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Games of The Valley

Protect the Duck

A side scrolling game in which you have to do your best to keep up with the madly quacking duck.

Catch the Duck

A reasonably simple game. You are in an open area in which you can move left and right or up and down. Listening out for the odd sounding quack you must search for the ugly duck and press F or enter if you have switched your keys to grab it.

Sailing Across the Lake

Use your left and right arrow keys to row your boat across this lake. Keep an even pace and you should do ok.

The Duck Snapshot

A side scrolling game. Just move left and right until it sounds like lots of ducks are in range and snap the photo.

Accompany the Duck

You will find bonuses on either side of this path. Just don't let the madly quacking duck get to far away.

Count the Sheep

Does what it says on the box. Run north and use the hand counter to count the sheep.

Take the Cows Back

Cows are all over this field. Just whistle and get them down to the lower left corner of the map.

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