Crazy Party Collectables

As you play through Crazy Party you will collect quite a number of different things. This list might help to understand what they are all for.

If you want to see what can be unlocked with gems you can visit The Crazy Party Rewards page.

These act as points as you play through crazy party. You get them in every mini game you play both off and online. When you complete a world all the coins you earn go in to your money box. In the online mode a percentage of the coins you earn depending on what position you finish in goes in to your money box. First keeps all the coins they earned while last might only get 25% if 4 players play.

These are used for battle mode. Completing any gym will allow you to unlock 5 cards of that gyms type. The grand council allows for 10 cards of any type and cooperative mode online will allow you to take some of all types if your team wins.
Note when you unlock a card you get 4 of it and you can use any where from 1 to 4 of that card in your decks.
Click to see all the cards sorted by type.

These are gained in a number of ways. Completing worlds, playing online, gifts from boards and safety deposit boxes.
These can be used to buy a number of things. You can purchase boards, different online modes for both battle and mini games, offline game parties, playing any of your unlocked mini games or any of the micro games. and playing for a chance to unlock any mini games from any of the worlds you have completed.
Visit the Rewards page to see what can be unlocked for what cost.

These are found in online mini games and micro games. In micro games the objective is to collect the ruby.
In online mini games with bonuses turned on a bonus is awarded to the player that found the highest number of rubies.

Blue crystals:
These are used on boards. if a player has 1 or more blue crystal it will double the effect of blue squares. blue crystals can be gained either from safety deposit boxes in the worlds or from gift squares on the boards.
After landing on a blue square and you receive double your price, one blue crystal will be consumed.