Micro games

There will not be much information given here as you need to play and learn the micro games on your own.

Micro games are very short versions of several mini games. Each game only last 30 seconds and the point is not to get points but to collect the ruby at the end.

These can be played online in 6 turn rounds or in the rewards room costing 4 gems to play.

The hardest thing about learning each micro game is that you get no description before play. you have to work it out and do it fast.

Following is just a few examples of the micro games to try and help you learn them

Turtle race:

You have to race the turtle again but this time you can fall off the edge so be careful but fast.

Pit jumping:

Just run right and jump the pits.

Desert maze:

Quickly find your way through the small desert maze to find the ruby. Cut down the cactuses that might get in your way.

The bats place:

Run right and climb up and down while avoidding the bat that is flying around.

These are just a few examples of what you can expect from micro games. Good luck.